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creating soul spaces

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"dismiss whatever insults your soul." - walt whitman 

making our home is one of the most joyful and meaningful ways i express myself. i am a big believer and am really passionate about making 'soul spaces' in your home; spaces that tenderly speak to you and bring out your very best. although i am still learning the art of cooking (i can say that i have exploring and practicing and have been making meals several times a week this year!) i am; however, one of those types of people who is rather fond of organizing and all things tidy. having a space that is put away/is together is something that keeps me calm like a good meditation. is our home always clean and tidy? no. not at all. in fact, i feel like it's usually one floor at a time around here. but taking the time to try and keep things in their place, to give them a home, helps make space for things that matter - like more time with my children and husband and friends. whether i am making room for creativity or am just striving for 'less', i enjoy the process of getting things put back to where they belong... with hopes of feeling lighter and more like me.  

lastly, regarding creative living, i just read this book and believe everyone should read it- at any age. one of my all-time favorites. 
tips for creating spacing that make you happy; soul spaces ||

01. a quick 20 minute declutter | a friend of mine gave me this idea and it has become so beneficial... simply set a timer for twenty minutes and see how much you can get done in that time. sometimes i do it per room or per floor in our home. and sometimes i am amazed at how much i can get down in that time frame and sometimes it's an opposite feeling - but i really recommend it. during your spree, focus on things like trinkets, toiletries, bookshelves, counter tops - the purpose is to remove the surface clutter and create a little extra space. living in a home that is uncluttered makes me feel more at ease. 

02. restyle  | sometimes this can take a lot of time and can be a long process (especially when a big purge is also involved) but i love to switch things around/change rooms around... i am constantly moving plants, art, toy areas, chairs, baskets. etc. by investing time into this process, you create a home that makes you both feel good and want to be more productive from day-to-day. it's about taking an intuitive approach; combining form and function. 

03. be patient | there's no rush or pace you must follow... instead, i recommend going step-by-step; hopefully making you feel lighter and bringing more freedom to your days. i encourage you to remember that decluttering isn't something that happens overnight...  *the 20 minute sessions above are a great place to start! i also love to take a calendar and spread things out over a block of time- going slow and not causing unneeded stress to the flow and rhythm of our family.

04. minimalism | the minimalist aesthetic is in full swing and has become my true design inspiration... for the first time in life, i feel like i have a passion for a type of decor + design that is timeless; one that truly feels like me and my family and isn't something i/we will get tired of in a few months. i am much more conscious now when i purchase pieces for our home- only bringing in things that are truly loved.  we borrow more than we buy (if possible) and we re-use and try to sustain pieces more than we used to- we are more aware. by my thinking, minimalism isn't necessarily getting rid of everything you own, but it's about being an essentialist. surrounding yourself with things you love or use. in many ways, getting rid of things that leave you with a toxic feeling can be very healing. 

05. make it personal | your home needs to look and work for your lifestyle - it's all about finding pieces and systems that allow for practical solutions with personal touches. i love to blend new and old while adding organic elements, special heirlooms, and functional beauty. beauty is how i gravitate towards most things; i love things with character, flaws, chips. yet, i also love things with clean lines and light. i feel most at home when rooms flow with stories and roots from the past are still alive. 
a cleaning favorite: i love these amber spray bottles for my thieves/essential oil homemade cleaners
this space was featured here
and has been restyled many times since last december

i hope you enjoyed these tips for forming soul spaces in your home-
spaces that make you feel more peaceful yet also motivated to create your best life
spaces that allow you to live more intentionally with your family
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