olive june: April 2019

a grateful heart

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sharing a snack with his dad under the trees 

tiny bluebird + a spring playlist


easter memories

i am currently listening to tift merritt radio with an afternoon coffee while the boys nap. and i can't help but reminisce about yesterday and how much this day, this easter sunday, meant to me. our first easter as a family of four was so deeply sweet. parks woke up a bit later than normal; snoozing next to his dad while nash and i took in the morning downstairs. nash was the first one to discover that the easter bunny had arrived. parks' reaction to his basket was everything. he was so tender yet so ecstatic over every single treat. we shared homemade muffins while billie holiday played. 

at our church service, we received a beautiful message on Christ that moved the contents of my insides all around simply because he lived and still lives - and that our church community is everything i ever could have dreamt of for inspirational spirituality in our lives- and so much more. it's magical. 

then we went to a nearby park and took in some moments together before heading to my husband's parents' house for a fun-filled day with family. a cheeseboard, an egg hunt, cocktails, facetime with my parents, and dinner together on a gorgeous spring day  - celebrating Jesus and his unconditional love for us. 

my heart was so full at the end of the day.

nash charles . month ten | things i always want to remember

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on april 12, nash charles (my 'charlie boy') turned ten months old. we spent the day traveling up to the philadelphia area to visit my husband's family. what was supposed to be about ten hours took 12.5 hours due to traffic and accidents. however, the boys were awesome! (not sure how we got so lucky with these tiny travelers!) but we are both so very thankful. my husband and i talked and listened to enneagram podcasts and i read the book, educated (highly recommend). although it was a long trip, time with family is always worth it... 

i shared some highlights on instagram, but we all enjoyed exploring the kennett square, pa area. both of my boys are growing by the hour and it was special to see them interact and play with their cousins. 

spring break fun | altitude trampoline park

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a few weeks ago, our family spent a sunday afternoon at the new altitude trampoline park in gastonia, north carolina.  and we truly had the best time! altitude was founded in 2012 and is the fastest growing trampoline park company in the world; offering fun for people of all ages. this location is altitude's most adventure packed park to-date- it's fresh/new and is the perfect place to spend spring break if you are staying around charlotte for a 'staycation.' looking ahead at summer, this would also be a wonderful spot to escape the summer heat and keep your children active during their time out of school. from attractions such as trampoline basketball, dodge ball, a ninja course, warped wall, a foam pit, gymnastic tumble tracks, wipeout, a kids court, stunt bags, a ropes course- and so much more- i am not sure who had more fun... parks or us. jumping around the park wasn't just an absolute blast, but it is also a low-cost way to be active. after 30 minutes of jumping, you can burn over 100 calories- so great! most of all, i felt like we all couldn't help but smile watching parks have the time of his life + we both felt like kids again. i am so glad we discovered this place - none of us were ready to leave...

creating soul spaces

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"dismiss whatever insults your soul." - walt whitman 

an easter basket for parks + nash

this way you
so gently, yet confidently 
ask me to grow,
you are flowers and fire
so softly, yet knowingly
awakening me
to all the things
i want to become.

                                        - butterflies rising

april intentions

i took a small break from this space last month to do some spring cleaning and organizing... between march 1-22, i took over every space in our home: every drawer, closet, corner of our home- and i purged, re-arranged, thoroughly cleaned- made our nest new again. there were endless trips to donation centers and some very, very long days (doing this with two kids adds a whole new dimension!) - but i also feel like it was so worth it. 

and although i am happy with the end result, i have a yearning to become even more minimal and reduce the amount of things in our home... however, i also want to enjoy springtime with my family + i want to shift my mindset to something new; something that's more important in my heart. i have found that i can get wrapped up in the process and personally, it's not something i want to look back on in life and feel like i was constantly doing. i want to take in the simple moments, laugh with my kids, spend time alone with my husband, explore our city- i want to 'be.' i know i will be doing slight purges daily, but i am hoping to shift my mindset to other things this month...

an email time capsule for kids

a few years ago, i shared this kids memory journal idea that i heard from a mom of grown kids; something to keep next to your bed for simple, daily stories, tidbits, etc.. it's easy and personable and something to have to reminisce- to share laughter and to cry with down the road...

 this past november, i went to birmingham, alabama to visit my cousin for the weekend. (here are some of the travel highlights- it was such a wonderful trip! + i love my cousin and her husband and baby girl, hollis, so dearly) while i was there, my cousin shared an idea with me ... and i wanted to share with you all in case you would also like to do this for your children. when her baby was born last august, she created an email for her ... a place for people to send photos, achievements, memories... and then on her 18th birthday, she plans to give her the password. i adored this idea so much and decided to start one for parks and nash - small notes of love. i love to send a photo with a poem or a song or something they did that day that was touching.

 i hope they both appreciate reading messages from their loved ones, especially at a time in life that can often be difficult to maneuver through...

isn't this the cutest idea?
so thankful my cousin shared this with me + hope you are inspired as well!