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simply loving

this is my favorite home in uptown charlotte
and my mom's as well
a classic victorian with a large front porch and charming trees
 i see it every time i go to the post office 
-a small joy-
 i thought of her this morning
listening to a willie nelson song 
and dazing off 
and dreaming
for a bit.

"the future will arrive 
when it is time for it to arrive,
and you do not have to 
exhaust yourself trying
to figure out how you
will get there."
we spent wednesday morning in downtown davidson, north carolina
storytime, the park, a coffee with my cousin and her two daughters
these trees are so delicate and are scattered throughout this quaint town and the city of charlotte
simply loving //

02. a weekend with my parents - if you follow me on instagram, you probably saw our adventures (it was so lovely) ... especially being able to celebrate my dad's birthday together 
03. birds chirping and the way the sun feels on my skin
04. library books + visits 
05. i listened to an interview on sirius xm with loretta lynn and am grateful for the old country influence i have been able to experience throughout life
07. babywearing nash and how fun parks is right now (his imagination and thoughtful heart melt me) 
12. all of the trouvaille market inspirations (i am a curator for this account and love the other vendors as well - so sweet.)
overall, it was a good week 
however, this was how we were all feeling late afternoon yesterday 
(some reading outside, dinner under the market lights, time at the park, and a beer helped) 
+ today was a new day 
and it has gone much better.
enjoy your weekend

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