nash charles . month nine | things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles . month nine | things i always want to remember

time is passing through me like a rushing river. it was just a few hours ago we were having a dance party in our loft with a positive pregnancy test. it was just a couple minutes ago we broke down when we heard that hammering heartbeat. 

and then saw his face; crying for the first time and so beautiful.
-nine months ago today-

things i always want to remember //

01. you went on your first airplane ride to cincinnati
02. where you met your new baby cousin, julius imoh 
03. while you were there, you started to crawl (feb 17) and completely took off on feb 19
04. these photos are after a bath- i love the way your eyes shine
05. how you look over at your big brother in the car and smile
06. you love to go on walks around the city 
07. the way you react to the song, 'somewhere over the rainbow' 
08. our thrifting adventures + story time 
09. you said 'momma' for the first time . march 5
10. our valentine's day date with parks 
11. movie + pizza friday nights 
12. massaging your smooth, olive skin after a bath + the way your hair curls so softly
keep growing, our little love

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