winter season | home scenes + rhythms | olive june

winter season | home scenes + rhythms

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hello, loves. lately, the smell of spring has been so lively here in charlotte. birds have been charming us with their chirps as the intensity of the sun has been piercing our faces. it's an unfamiliar feeling; something that felt so common just a few months ago. we have been running errands, attending play dates, organizing and re-arranging- making things fresh for cozy winter days + the horizon of blooms. and i am so tired. but making our home is one of the most joyful and creative gifts i can give myself. 

one of my 'becoming' initiatives (word of the year . 2019) is to create more schedules for our family - while also challenging myself to stay flexible- always. for february, i created several routines as we begin a 'trial' during this month (during one of my very favorites of all, the month of love) - especially because the leaves usually start to come back here in the carolinas towards the end. i am hoping these give us all more time to enjoy one of the most important part of life- time together.

here are the schedules // 

laundry (hopefully one load a day)
monday: adult clothes
tuesday: boys' clothes
wednesday: adult clothes
thursday: sheets and towels
friday: boys' clothes (if needed) 
weekend: off!

meal planning
(create with my husband on sunday evening)  
monday: soup + salad
tuesday: mexican inspired (grocery shop with nash while parks is at school- aldi/trader joe's) 
wednesday: chicken/fish and veggies
thursday: leftovers or something on the grill
friday: pizza party (combo of homemade and takeout) 
(we use our instant pot almost daily + i hope to share our favorites through instagram and on here)

parks + nash 
this is still in the works and will vary week to week but i hope to incorporate the following | 
story time/library
discovery place kids
the park/walks and play dates
rest/time at home to explore and create and enjoy downtime 

monday: arms and core
tuesday: yoga
wednesday: cardio 
thursday: arms and core
friday: cardio
saturday: yoga / y as a family
sunday: park after church

next month, i plan to add an early morning routine/self-care and a cleaning schedule 

some winter home scenes //
master bedroom 
nash's nursery
my desk
nash's nursery 
(i love that little photo of my niece, leona)
master bedroom
reading room (as parks call it)
more on this new room in our home here
nash's nursery
master bedroom -a before
-and after-
my mother-in-law recently gifted us with a chair, vanity and rug for our family room 
this used to be hers when she was a young nurse living in the city of philadelphia 
she wanted us to enjoy them and they all bring me so much joy
boys' bathroom
reading room
chandelier above our bed
this is definitely my favorite light in the house
master bedroom
the toy area downstairs
my desk area / foyer
there's also a sweet baby that loves to play and roll and laugh in our home this winter
family room / the rug we were gifted from my husband's mom and dad
loft / play and guest area 
our dresser / vanity area
family room
nash's crib
my favorite thrift item ever - $9.99 at goodwill
a nook in the nursery

we are only a few days in, but i feel like the routines are giving me calmness and motivation
in the best way
i hope you enjoyed a peek into some of our rooms; giving old pieces new life (especially our ancestors' things- weaving their memory into our present story) 

i hope to keep them alive as we spend time together in our home. 


  1. I love those weekly rhythms and all the adorable snapshots of your place!

    1. you are just so sweet. thank you so much- it means so much. hope your week is going well!!