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neutral sweaters

the boys and i spend a lot of time thrifting . and honestly, they are both a dream when we shop together- they seem to love it as much as i do. parks is at the cutest age (i am LOVING three so far) and nash is chill - so chill (just like my husband.) this morning, we spent about three hours searching for treasures and found a lot of great finds for well under forty dollars (it was half off day at the local thrift stores/the last wednesday of the month- so the lines were really, really long but the prices were unbelievable). the elderly men and women (i also really love older people) adore the kids and parks has so much of me in him - that he just really seems to enjoy the experience as well. some of my favorite things to hunt for: homemade afghans, vintage kids clothes, books, homewares, art, wood toys, records, and neutral sweaters. neutral sweaters and mom jeans / madewell jeans and a pair of sneakers have become my go-to outfit as a sahm. today i am sharing some non-thrifted sweaters that i am currently loving...

 favorite neutral sweaters //

02. desire button up . olive june/shop stevie 
03. phantom cardigan . free people 
04. kent cardigan sweater . nordstrom
05. arcana buttoned pullover . anthropologie
06. madelyn sweater . olive june/shop stevie
09. best of you sweater . free people 
10. long sleeve pullover . target 
11. roll neck crop sweater . top shop 
12. subtle sheen sweater . nordstrom
and perhaps
what made her beautiful
was not her appearance
or what she achieved,
but in her love
and in her courage 
and her audacity
to believe 
no matter
the darkness
around her.
Light ran wild
within her.
and that was the way
she came alive,
and it showed up
in everything.
-morgan harper nichols 
are you a neutral sweater lover, too?
where is your favorite spot to buy sweaters?

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