nash charles . month eight | things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles . month eight | things i always want to remember

keep looking 
where the Light
pours in.
- morgan harper nichols

today, our nash charles turns eight months old 
it's going so much faster this time
yet i know to soak it all up so much more. 
things i always want to remember //

01. the softness of your skin and hair
02. how you say 'da da' 
03. your two top teeth are coming in 
04. we had a fun trip to cincinnati for your aunt jess' baby sprinkle- you loved playing at the lilypad and with your cousin, leona (you are such a wonderful little road tripper) 
05. you can sit up and move around so well now (almost crawling) 
06. you love: baths, car rides, the stroller, snuggling with momma, playing cars with your brother, smiling at your dad when he gets home from work, thrifting and coffee shops while parks is at school
07. the way you laugh- you are so ticklish and have the best belly laugh 
08. just like your parents, you love, love food ... all food so far! 
09. we have been spending a lot of time at the park; you love to roll around in the dirt and play 
10. how you light up in the morning 
11. you love music (especially 'somewhere over the rainbow') 
12. overall, i would describe you as: tender, sweet, calm and beyond lovable 
i could hold and kiss you all day 
you are a dreamboat.
i can't wait to see what this month brings, sweet boy

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