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in case we've never met

this post was inspired by morgan harper nichols

01. i'm janelle marie monaco . a lot of my family members and close friends call me 'nelle' 
02. born on june 25 
03. i currently live in charlotte, north carolina 
04. i have also lived in a small farm village (my hometown), oxford (college) + columbus, ohio (after college) and in darmstadt, germany (where i student taught)
05. an enneagram nine/a peacemaker . an INFP . a true cancer 
06. writing is how i process my thoughts 
07. i am an introvert who loves people and their stories - i like to be at home and i yearn to explore. if i feel comfortable with you, i will, more than likely, go above and beyond to help you/be there for you + i will love you with no strings attached- and will probably share my soul openly.
08. i want to stand by the ocean or among trees as they sway- with birds and flowers- and do nothing. 
09. being on my yoga mat, at a park, local breweries with others and coffee shops solo are my happy spots.
10. europe is my spirit animal and i am most inspired by women i have 'met' and follow on instagram
11. thrifting is a deep passion of mine; i believe that vintage pieces tell a story + they bring me daily joy.
12. i have been married for five years to the sweetest man- he loves us so well and is so genuine. we have two sons - parks and nash. i am a former middle school teacher (english and history) and truly feel like i was made to be a mom (and absolutely love having two boys- but would, of course, adore any of the children we are blessed with). an older man recently came up to me while i was loading my youngest son into his car seat and asked his age and then gender. i told him about my boys and he said, "well, boys always love their mommas... i know i loved mine." 
13. and i got teary-eyed- i have very deep emotions and a vivid imagination. i consider myself a hopeless romantic and a creative at heart. all of these used to be things that i struggled with accepting about myself, but i have recently vowed to be proud of who i am... how i process, how i love, how i express myself- and what is most important to me in life; what makes me who God created.
14. i often pray all day long. and have felt the holy spirit near me for as long as i can remember
15. i want to believe that grace is more than enough.
she's so wonderful.  i hope to share more from our lifestyle home photo shoot with you all soon
melissa captured our life right now; the moments i never want to forget. so thankful for her
what about you? 
...what's something about you would like to share with me...

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