a nephew to love | julius imoh | olive june

a nephew to love | julius imoh

9:20 am

the crisp chillness in the air
 takes my breath away
as i step out of the car in oakley
a milky latte 
the wind is blowing

in route to the hospital
gender still unknown
a niece or a nephew
to watch grow

naked winter trees 
brushing loudly
there is more to you today than yesterday

but when i look back 
on this day
i will always remember 
the serenity 
the stillness of the hallways 
and the way my sister softly nods
as i whisper,
'is it a boy?'

it all feels so right-
perhaps this is where 
the Light shines through

on february 15, 2019, 
our family welcomed a sweet baby boy
-julius imoh- 
i was fortunate enough to be in cincinnati to walk into the room 
to discover
'it's a boy!' 
and i cried.
it was pure happiness.
no, this is what joy feels like.

just like when i walked in late on august 27, 2017 to see a little bow on my niece's tiny head... 
both have been so incredibly special.
here are some snapshots from the weekend //
she is sunshine
my brother walked into the hospital room from chicago and surprised us all
he's just so perfect
his namesake + special guardian angel
his uncle, imoh
9.30.1986- 9.15.2014
 i don't think it's a coincidence that this baby boy was born on the 15th 
blanket | mebie baby
so proud of my sister
leona was so excited + completely mesmerized by her baby brother
lunch at cheapside  
i can't recommend this cafe enough - loved the vibe and food
such a proud uncle
madtree brewery later that day to celebrate with my brother, his fiancee, and baby nash
his face says it all
and so does nash's
right before his first flight
from charlotte to cincinnati
from one queen city to the other
he received a lot of love over the weekend
nothing more dreamy than pour over coffee and a bowl of tomato soup on a winter afternoon

i am feeling so sentimental this week
leaving him (and my family) was so hard
it never seems to get easier.

and nash was a dream baby on the flights 
he played, grabbed my face, flirted with the people next to us, laughed, nursed, slept

we are all looking forward to the next time we get to be together
i hope you are all well and warm, friends

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