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a grateful heart

a grateful heart //

01. seeing an old and much loved friend 
02. my oldest son, parks, cuddling up and sleeping next to me last night . he wasn't feeling well 
03. haircuts and a refreshing smoothie 
04. eating bananas in bed 
05. neutral, vintage sweaters
06. evening cuddles with their dad 
07. knit rompers and holding my eight month old
08. the way my boys look at one another and grin - their eyes locking instantly 
09. an inspiring spiritual community . so loving, caring, warmth to the heart. it's enriched my relationship with Jesus, my husband, my loved ones and with myself
10. sink baths and filling vases with roses 
11. rainy days and the sunshine that follows 
12. the way a match lights and fills a room 
13. making forts and grocery stores and jumping in puddles with a toddler 
14. my husband's love . how he kisses us goodbye each morning and hello every evening
"you are slowly growing
but you are still growing
and that is enough."
what is your heart grateful for this week?

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