olive june: February 2019

in case we've never met

this post was inspired by morgan harper nichols

neutral sweaters

the boys and i spend a lot of time thrifting . and honestly, they are both a dream when we shop together- they seem to love it as much as i do. parks is at the cutest age (i am LOVING three so far) and nash is chill - so chill (just like my husband.) this morning, we spent about three hours searching for treasures and found a lot of great finds for well under forty dollars (it was half off day at the local thrift stores/the last wednesday of the month- so the lines were really, really long but the prices were unbelievable). the elderly men and women (i also really love older people) adore the kids and parks has so much of me in him - that he just really seems to enjoy the experience as well. some of my favorite things to hunt for: homemade afghans, vintage kids clothes, books, homewares, art, wood toys, records, and neutral sweaters. neutral sweaters and mom jeans / madewell jeans and a pair of sneakers have become my go-to outfit as a sahm. today i am sharing some non-thrifted sweaters that i am currently loving...



a grateful heart

a grateful heart //

a nephew to love | julius imoh

9:20 am

the crisp chillness in the air
 takes my breath away
as i step out of the car in oakley
a milky latte 
the wind is blowing

in route to the hospital
gender still unknown
a niece or a nephew
to watch grow

naked winter trees 
brushing loudly
there is more to you today than yesterday

but when i look back 
on this day
i will always remember 
the serenity 
the stillness of the hallways 
and the way my sister softly nods
as i whisper,
'is it a boy?'

it all feels so right-
perhaps this is where 
the Light shines through


dating | your husband, your kids, yourself

when i was in college (at miami university in oxford, ohio), one of my professors gave the most memorable assignment my senior year- a date with yourself. he wanted us to spend a significant amount of time doing what we love most (alone) and then we were assigned to reflect and write about our experience. i still thank him inside for this enlightening example of how important it is to take the time to just Be and to show yourself that You deserve sacred time. for as i long i can remember, i have always had a need to re-charge after socializing and have always enjoyed time alone, but i was in the stage of my life where i believed that happiness had to be shared with other people. and although i love people, my 'extroverted introverted' tendencies tend to leave me yearning for time to unwind, cuddle up, and rest. the past decade taught me that spending time alone strengthens my sense of independence and confidence- and sparks creativity. alone time allows me to be more mindful of the present and to make more conscious choices. it's declaring to myself and to the world that taking care of myself and showing myself love are important. 

nash charles . month eight | things i always want to remember

keep looking 
where the Light
pours in.
- morgan harper nichols

simply loving

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basal coffee . charlotte, north carolina

winter season | home scenes + rhythms

(the floral bag is currently available in my thrift shop

hello, loves. lately, the smell of spring has been so lively here in charlotte. birds have been charming us with their chirps as the intensity of the sun has been piercing our faces. it's an unfamiliar feeling; something that felt so common just a few months ago. we have been running errands, attending play dates, organizing and re-arranging- making things fresh for cozy winter days + the horizon of blooms. and i am so tired. but making our home is one of the most joyful and creative gifts i can give myself. 

simply gather | a baby sprinkle

a few weeks ago, i drove from charlotte to cincinnati with parks + nash to surprise my sister with an intimate baby sprinkle. and we surprised her! i love a good surprise; i definitely get that from my mom and dad. but it was so wonderful and so special and i wanted to share the event with you all.