memories of turning three | a school bus birthday celebration | olive june

memories of turning three | a school bus birthday celebration

a home scene | 1.15.19
yesterday we celebrated parks turning three 
it was pretty simple and full of his favorite things 
here are some snapshots of how we celebrated our big boy // 
he wanted to take photos with his three balloon (which he is calling a four!) and his dad's car keys
he spent the morning at school with his friends 
we brought in sprinkled donuts from dunkin (his favorite) 
his teacher said he was quite shy while they sang
but that he had the biggest smile
after school, he got to play on a playground uptown that he loves 
because it has a fire truck! 
he also loves to watch the cars and trucks pass through the streets of uptown charlotte... 
for dinner, he had papa john's pizza (or papa JEANS as he calls it) 
my mom, his mimi, was here with us this year
which made it even more special
we ended the day with a few gifts and a birthday cake + homemade apple muffins
he asked alexa to sing 'happy birthday' - and she does a great job!! 
school buses have been a favorite for awhile 
so i decided to incorporate them into a small set-up
a candle, some desserts and some plant + flower love
i wanted his actual birthday to be full of his favorite little things
we decided to do a party with his friends (what he loves most- his friends and play) this past saturday
and gymboree was the perfect place for a three-year-old 
we couldn't have been happier with how it turned out
i plan to show our experience there soon as well
in case you missed, here is the letter i wrote to him yesterday
this one above might just be his 'true colors' 
his brother, nash, gave him a vintage train 
and tim and i gave him this treehouse 
it's from crate and barrel and is so gorgeous!
(we got it during a major sale in november + had a gift card)
but it's really stunning - and he's already played with it so much
this sparkler candle is from terrain cafe in glen mills, pa 
my sister-in-law and i walked around this beautiful (beautiful!) space on the 30th of december
and they had a new years eve table set-up
we picked up a three (me) and a four (her) candle for our boys' birthdays this year
he was a little startled by the sparkler candle - whoops! 
i really thought he would think it's cool (one of his new words that he loves to say)
and that it would be like marshall/a fire!
but instead, he wanted to be very far aware from it
-he is so much like me-
i was deathly afraid of fireworks and loud noises when i was a young girl 
running around our yard with his balloon yesterday morning
most of the pieces on the decor table this year were thrifted 
-my love grew so much this year-
parks and i love to thrift together
so i wanted to include some of those pieces
(the cake and florals are from a local grocery store)
he loves the treehouse even more than i thought he would!
his smile
his eyes
his voice
his laugh
his warmth
happy three, sweet parks james
the polaroid photo was taken while he was eating his birthday breakfast- a waffle house waffle, yogurt and strawberries
he also took one of me with the flowers - and it turned out pretty well.
his first birthday | winter bear
his second birthday | dinos + donuts
parks seemed to really love his special day
just like christmas, this was the first year where he understood what was going on...
and it was so very magical to watch! 
he loves life so much - and he loves to celebrate.

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