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happy third birthday, parks james

i don't want to let you grow up 
but the older you get, the better i get to know you
and you are a pretty wonderful boy 
so i suppose i will let you just the same

dear parks james

today you are three. i love you. more than anything. more than a rainy afternoon- all snuggled up,  a peanut butter sandwich, the smell of coffee brewing, the calmness of a fresh blanket of snow, a refreshing smoothie together, or a day spent at the beach. watching you learn and grow and love has given me so much joy over the past three years. our bond grows stronger each day; our connection is so genuine, so deep. 

you love paw patrol with a love that borders obsession. and cars and trucks and tractors and playing outside and moana and dancing to florida georgia line. you take such great care of your babies; always tucking them in and patting and rubbing their backs. you still laugh when the wind hits your face just right and you still smile and wave at countless strangers- usually bringing a grin to their faces. seeing 'tiny, perfect things' (like birds chirping or the trees swaying) makes you light up. you love to have conversations now and pray and share your grateful heart before meals and before bed; you simply adore Jesus. you still take my face in your hands, like you are trying to tell me something that i don't understand. and when you are trying to convince or emphasize, you have the cutest little half, crooked smile. 

seeing you become a big brother this past june was one of the best sights of my life - just like seeing your dad at the end of the aisle on our wedding day, moments surprising family members, the first time i saw the eiffel tower twinkle at dusk- and the moment i saw you and your brother's face for the first time. those two were my very favorite of all. 

you are-
still the someone who drives me to the ground- to renew and trust and seek after my maker. 

still my sweetheart;
my firstborn. 

i am so proud of you
and your tender heart.

i love you to the moon and the stars
the moon and the stars 

ever thine
ever mine
ever ours.

love forever,
your mom

+ it is such a pleasure to be your mom. 
lollipops and christmas time are also 'favorites' this year
you love to celebrate!
from a sweet baby
to a brave and kind and handsome boy
with the best heart and sense of humor
may your love for Jesus continue to bloom
along with your love for your family- especially for your little brother, nash
you are the best big brother
wishing you the best year ahead,
my love

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