olive june: January 2019

2019 | reading list + a winter playlist

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one of my 'becoming' intentions this year is to read more books; to become more of a bookworm again. i plan to bring a good read along in my bag for times when i am waiting- in the carpool at parks' school, in waiting rooms, on road trips, etc. i hope to read more informational, inspiring, parenting and more classics throughout twenty-nineteen. i love this 'classic book challange' so much. 

a snow day | time together in cincinnati

last weekend, the boys and i drove up to cincinnati to surprise my sister with a baby sprinkle. she is due february 21 with her second little baby (the gender is a surprise- which i love, love). quality time with loved ones is one of her favorite things so my mom, one of her dear friends and i planned an intimate brunch with a few close friends. i plan to share the details of the event with you all soon (it was wonderful). while visiting, we also enjoyed staying in a hotel (parks loved watching the cars and trucks go by from the large window in our room), time at the spa with my mom and sister / 21c museum hotel in downtown is incredible (possibly my best massage of all-time), we gathered for delicious ethnic takeout food, the boys and my niece played together for hours, and we had coffee chats. 

we woke up sunday morning to a winter wonderland; soft, fluffly, white snow. when nash woke up in the early morning hours to nurse, i opened the blinds and saw what i was hoping for- a new landscape; the heart of the season. i remember doing this as a little girl- hoping for no school (which took a lot). but i have lived in the carolinas for over eleven years ... so it took me a few moments to remember that the city would still be awake that day- that people would still be out and about. 

i spent the day savoring the gentleness 
as i felt my soul rest 
and whisper to breathe slowly 
and dream 
and be still. 

a gymboree birthday celebration

to celebrate parks' third birthday, we decided to invite some family friends, his cousins, and some school friends to a local gymboree to play, dance, and enjoy pizza + cake. just like christmas, this was the first time that he knew and understood that it was his birthday (and to put it simply- the boy loves to celebrate) so we decided to have it somewhere that he would really love. and he did even more than we expected. if you are local to charlotte, i can't recommend the gymboree in south charlotte enough- they were so wonderful / absolutely perfect for this age. he had the time of his life.

memories of turning three | a school bus birthday celebration

a home scene | 1.15.19

happy third birthday, parks james

i don't want to let you grow up 
but the older you get, the better i get to know you
and you are a pretty wonderful boy 
so i suppose i will let you just the same

nash charles . month seven | things i always want to remember

things i always want to remember //

my word of the year

here's to wishing and hoping that our annual bird families build nests all over the outside of our home
it's always such a gentle, springtime honor.

christmas | snapshots and reflections

{new bremen, ohio}

good afternoon and happy new year to you

i hope your holiday season was memorable and that your heart felt both peaceful and joyous.
it was one of my favorites to date. we spent a lot of time with my family in the midwest and are currently visiting my husband's brother and his family outside of philadelphia. 

it really is the season of renewal and hope and reflection. i am feeling so grateful, for so much and for everything. but i am especially grateful for the family that has been placed in my arms, and the chance to share the spirit of the season together. God really is so good, to all of us.