our christmas cards | twenty eighteen | olive june

our christmas cards | twenty eighteen

may the simple things
bring the most joy

"on winter's margin"

on winter's margin, see the small birds now
with half-forged memories come flocking home
to gardens famous for their charity. 
the green globe's broken; vines like tangled veins
hang at the entrance to the silent wood.

with half a loaf, i am the prince of crumbs;
by time slow's down, the birds amassed will sing
like children for their sire to walk abroad! 
but what i love, is the gray stubborn hawk
who floats alone beyond the frozen vines;
and what i dream of are the patient deer
who stand on legs like reeds and drink the wind;-

they are what saves the world; who chooses to grow 
think to a starting point beyond squalor.

mary oliver
the stickers are what we used to seal the envelopes
they were under $2 at ikea
wishing you a magical christmas day 
and time spent with your loved ones
are cards are from minted 
i love their clean designs and the fact that they print the addresses on the envelopes for free
when they arrive, you can just stuff and ship!
instead of gifts, my husband and i do an experience 
he surprised me with a trip to charleston, south carolina earlier this month
and it was so lovely.
one of my very favorite places on earth
this plant shop . haegur
also loved this cafe- the harbinger 
(paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, vintage persian rugs, salads, a gingerbread latte)
across the street
so delicious and adorable
were two of my favorite new spots this trip
merry christmas to you
you being here means so much to me
thank you

christmas card photo | silver pebble photography

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