nash charles | month six . things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles | month six . things i always want to remember

today marks half of a year with our second son, nash charles

he has the calmest, most tender demeanor, and fits so well into our family
he is so loved.

things i always want to remember | 

+ your smile. it's my very favorite 
+ since you were a baby, you have slept next to me in either your moses basket or in the bassinet. recently, and quite quickly, you moved into your own room and your own crib. i loved the moses because it represents a short period in time when my baby was small enough to sleep in a basket, beside me, every night, a finger touch away. this transition wasn't initially easy for me, but i usually tell myself to just, "take a breath and dive in." as a parent, sometimes you just magically figure it out. mainly because you have to, but primarily because it becomes you. and i knew it was time. 
+ the christmas magic with two boys - they love one another so much. my husband said the other night, 'i think this season of christmas is my favorite one yet- already." and i could not agree more. we went to a christmas tree farm, met santa, we picked up ice cream cones and drove around to look at the twinkling lights, we listen to music all day long (1940's on spotify is so cozy) and baked Jesus a birthday cake. the weekends have been full of family time + festivities 
+ life with a baby is beautiful and exhausting and hard. but if i were to be dangled over a christmas tree like an ornament- i would say that it's just so very beautiful. i can't get enough of the baby stage- it's my very favorite. although the toddler stage is fun- so fun! (it's also so much harder in my opinion) 
+ your first overnight away from mom + dad (december 6 with nana and pop pop) while mom and dad enjoyed gorgeous charleston and your first snowfall (december 9) 
+ you now have two bottom teeth (your big brother got two teeth when he was five months old, too) but they were on the top 
+ food- you love all the food so far
+ happy baby pose is an all-day affair . along with rolling over and over and over 
+ you enjoy: baths, milk, being tickled, the magic sleep suit, stroller rides, being wrapped in the solly, car rides (you almost always fall asleep/head tilted to the side) toys (sophie and the wood beads on your binky clip are your favorites) 
+ you love to nuzzle and snuggle into your momma. and i hold you - all the time.
it's all going so fast
six months to a full year
and i plan to soak up every single moment with you-
you are a dream.

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