home decor | designing a new family space with bassett furniture | olive june

home decor | designing a new family space with bassett furniture

this post is sponsored by Bassett Furniture, but all opinions are my own. 
i hope yesterday was magical. i hope that you and your family were able to spend the day together. and that it was everything you had dreamt of. merry christmas to you.

one of our goals for the new year is to create more intentional rooms; spaces that will hopefully serve our family and others in an inviting and purposeful way. the front room in our home wasn't being utilized so we decided to begin there. our hope was to create a play area, a place for musical expression, and a space to relax and simply be together. my husband and i wanted to create a space that is functional, cozy and invites both independent and imaginative play. i recently partnered with Bassett Furniture and had the most wonderful experience designing custom upholstered pieces with their new HGTV Home Custom Upholstery program. i am excited to share this new space and my recent journey with Bassett with you all. (i honestly can't recommend them enough) 
 usually, when i am furniture shopping, i find myself wanting to make changes to specific features in a piece. with Bassett's HGTV Home Custom Upholstery, you can choose from over a trillion options!  i have seen Bassett's furniture before many times and have always fallen in love with the quality and gorgeous finishes. (we own a few other pieces and they still look brand new and are so comfortable)
my experience with mark at the pineville, north carolina store was so wonderful! we sipped on a warm cup of coffee and went over all of the options together. he was patient, friendly, helpful and so incredible to work with- i had the best time. he made all of the choices easy to choose from and i left feeling so comfortable with everything (and excited!) 
HGTV Home Custom upholstery customization process | 

+ there are so, so many fabrics to choose from for both the sectional and for the pillows
+ nine different arm options
+ three options for the way the pillows are placed (attached/semi-attached/loose)
+ seven different base options (we went with skirted - it's so beautiful) 
+ design consultation services are completely free 
+ there are over 800 fabrics to choose from (the bone color we went with is very easy to clean/perfect for kids)

 is there anything better than being able to pick everything and make it your own?
all of the designers are so fabulous!!
 i snapped this photo of them collaborating while i was in the store:
you can order online (here) or you can book an appointment at your local store with a designer
i knew right away that i loved the pink velvet for two of the pillows/the larger two. mark and i went with a watercolor print and an olive green velvet for the other two. and i love how they all go together...
looking forward to our time together in this room |
'i can hear the sound of the cars pass like i do each and every day. the sound of my toddler's bare feet running down our hallway as the lights from the neighbors' just came on and my husband sitting next to me on our new couch, sipping a glass of bold red wine and rubbing my toes. piano beats playing nearby and laughing while nash blows bubbles. the twinkle lights hung around thanksgiving still making tiny little sparkles by the window.'
meaningful, nostalgic thrift finds- along with pieces from our past- have been placed throughout 
i hope my family enjoys creating music and art 
and that wild imaginations flow easily
Bassett Furniture is known for their quality and well-made pieces

what i love about Bassett

+ they focus on quality without compromise. for more than 100 years, they have been perfecting the art of crafting furniture full of american ingenuity- with factories in virginia, north carolina, and texas. 
+ they are dedicated to making comfortable, long-lasting furniture 
+  professional designers are on hand to help create your dream piece or room 
+ anyone can book a design appointment at Bassett Furniture 
+ you can tell that they truly care about your experience and what you are going to receive- they want you to love whatever you choose and are there to help you.
i went with a natural jute rug to make the other colors blend and pop more
the velvet pillows are true love
i love the cozy feel and clean lines - it's everything i had hoped for- and more.
the boys are already loving this new area in our home
family photos were also placed throughout 
toy area:
puppets and puzzles and books and their favorite wooden toys
the ottoman opens up and has so much storage space for toys (all of those huge trucks!)
there were also so many options for this piece
i went with a smooth top (again, for all of those trucks!)
we could not be happier with these pieces and our experience with Bassett and this HGTV Home Custom Upholstery program
and i can't recommend them enough - so amazing.
time to create new memories in the upcoming year
here. alone. in the quiet of our home.
do you have a favorite part in our new space?


  1. That’s awesome Bassett carries a furniture line with HGTV. Ill have to check them out. I love the arm rests you chose for your couch. So sleek and fits the space nicely. The pillows you chose are such a cool color combination- salmon pink and olive green pillows. I never would have thought to put those colors together. Awesome space!

    1. Thank you so much!! <3 it's the best collection- you should check it out and the velvet pillows are everything.

  2. This is an absolutely beautiful space!! I am definitely taking a page out of your book when I decide to start redecorating! Amazing job!

    1. thank you so much!! means so much- i appreciate it. hope your weekend went well

  3. I love this idea of creating "intentional rooms." It reminds me of when my parents moved into their new house my dad wanted to make each room different, like a new environment to have a different experience in. Your photos are beautiful and I love what you've done with your space!

    1. thank you so much! this is so sweet of you. i appreciate this so much. enjoy your week