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a favorite product | cariPRO Ultrasonic Electronic Toothbrush + giveaway!

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you may remember when i tried (and loved) smile brilliant's teeth whitening system? it worked extremely well and so i am very excited to share that they have now expanded beyond teeth whitening.  in addition to specializing in teeth whitening, they have developed the cariPRO ultrasonic electronic toothbrush. my husband has used an electronic toothbrush for years, but i was good (thought i was good) with a regular manual one. well, until i tried this product. after the first brush, i was hooked. 

my teeth and mouth felt so clean, like i had just gone to the dentist (the best feeling)

here are some interesting facts i recently learned:

+ your teeth will be healthier and whiter
+ the cariPRO removes 7x more plaque than a manual toothbrush and features 40,000 vibrations/minute
+ the battery life averages 30 days (on full charge) 
+ gum health can improve in as little as two weeks
+ this product is half the price of others on the market and shipping is free. in addition, if you don't love it, the returns are free within 60 days
because there is nothing like feeling confident with your smile
there are five different modes | 

clean: the standard setting for daily use 
white: this is super mode and is used to clean stain areas; it's working overtime to change those areas
massage: it's only 30 seconds and is great for improving whitening 
gum care: feels amazing on gums/is a lighter setting and is ideal for the health of your gums
sensitive: leaves a clean feeling and is so gentle (perfect for people like myself who are new to electronic brushes)

this is one of my favorite things about the product; i love every option so much, but i think 'sensitive' has become my my-go. i absolutely love the way my teeth feel after brushing...
it's designed to brush for two minutes total with brief pauses between 
 they are 30 seconds each so you know when to move to a different quadrant of your mouth 
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best wishes to all
you're going to love it
have you ever used an electronic toothbrush?
i am now a believer (i honestly plan to never switch back) and i highly recommend this product 
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  1. I switched to a electric toothbrush about a year ago now, and I love mine too!! Just feels like I'm getting a better clean!!

    1. i could not agree more! i love the feeling and how well they work... thank you so much! hope you're week is going well