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simply loving

"dismiss whatever insults your own soul..."
-walt whitman

simply loving //

01. for all of my fellow nineties kids / this instagram
03. i am trying to 'chase slow' even more this year: living with intention, purging, routines 
04. the magnolia farm toy collection (these would make great gifts for the holidays)
05. being able to spend a week with my mom ... she left this morning. we had a wonderful time together
06. this 'quiet book' for toddlers
07. i have made lots of pots of chili soup lately - i can't get enough. 
08. the cool, crisp autumn air . the reddish, purple trees lining our street 
09. all of the phrases and 'big boy changes' parks has been displaying (yet, so bittersweet)
10. cinnamon brooms from trader joe's 
11. autumn inspirations (i plan to take in every moment until the day after thanksgiving- savoring it)
12. my baby brother sent me the sweetest text this morning; warmed my heart.
14. i got my first manicure in months yesterday... it was so, so nice. 
15. my husband loves movies, especially going to theater... so i surprised him with a movie date late last night. my mom was here so she was able to watch the boys - we went in comfy clothes and saw the film, 'a star is born.' we both loved it- i have been playing the soundtrack all day. have you seen it? your thoughts? 
he's got some country roots in him
hodges family farm last sunday
lunch on the lake | hello sailor
a fall party with friends last weekend
a morning at 'not just coffee' at atherton mill in southend, charlotte
their space is so dreamy
enjoy your weekend
and thank you for being a reader of my little space
i appreciate it so much.

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