nash charles | month five . things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles | month five . things i always want to remember

month five

this month brought a tiny glimpse into life with brothers (their love is just so beautiful) and there's nothing i have loved more than watching them interact. i am thankful every day that i was chosen to be their momma. 

things i always want to remember //

01. your smile each morning while i stand over your bassinet; your eyes smile, too 
02. your first trip to the north carolina mountains, which were gorgeous as the leaves were turning
03. splashing during bath time and snoozing during pretty much every car ride you take 
04. how you embraced and rocked your first halloween costume; the snuggliest little lion cub 
05. your first foods have been a hit - sweet potatoes have been your favorite so far... 
06. how when you occasionally wake up between 9pm-midnight, your dad has a special way of putting you back to sleep 
07. you are calmness and sunshine and have the gentlest touch  
08. you love to read books with your brother (and you love it when he makes you laugh!) 
09. your mimi came to visit for a week and you loved cuddling with her 
10. a love for play is beginning and you get easily excited (like your big brother - and momma) about all the little things in life; all the tiny, perfect things
i have a feeling this upcoming month is going to be one of my favorites / most magical ones of all time... i plan to be intentional and hope to take in every moment. although the days can be hard, i want to freeze time so badly. loving these ages so much but time is so bittersweet. parks is so fun and nash is so sweet . the combo brings me so much joy.

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