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happy day after halloween, my dear friends. i hope yours was safe and darling and cozy. 

i decided a few days prior to dress-up like the morton salt girl (using everything i already owned + a wig from amazon) - and it was so much fun!! 

parks was humpty dumpty and nash was a furry lion cub. halloween, as a parent of littles, gives it all a whole new meaning ... i love it so much more than i used to; the joy.
he just strolled along... didn't make a peep.
i am pretty sure 
this is a halloween i will always remember- and cherish.
i bought his costume in july (on sale) and so now... it was a crop top! 
but so funny this way
we always trick-or -treat in our old neighborhood with good friends - i miss it. 
it's the perfect place to take in the moments
the homes are historic/so festive and the people are so friendly
the next two are #momlife in a nutshell!
wrap | solly baby
all of these make me laugh: 
+ this wasn't planned and is probably my favorite photo of the night.
humpty dumpty did fall.

i think my little humpty's favorite part of the entire day was seeing his school buddy, cole, out trick or treating, walking up to each porch holding his dad's strong hand, and all of the pumpkin sightings while trick-or-treating. he also loved coming home and spreading out all of his candy and sampling some of his favorites (like the lollipops and peanut m & m's)

and if you were to ask me, my favorite part was how he repeated "thank you" so tenderly after each treat. and having my mom here this year for the first time. that was very special.

and nash- i hope your first one was special, too.

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