currently // november edition | olive june

currently // november edition

"have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

reading | the spiritual child and minimalist cozy home (have you read either? i am enjoying both) 

accomplishing | the great purge of 2018. one room and one donation bag at a time - feels amazing 

documenting | i am still trying to get caught up on the boys' baby books . i feel like i need a weekend to do so. i am also trying to capture more simple moments with my polaroid camera

enjoying | the cooler days - i am a cool weather girl and have enjoyed these days a lot lately

anticipating | this will be the first christmas season that parks really understands and it's going to be magical. every day this week he has said, 'mommy, it's christmas time!!' ... in the most excited and tender demeanor.  

spending | lots of time outside: at local parks, on walks, arts and crafts (summer is really hot here so it feels good to explore again...)

cooking | i have been using our instapot several times a week - what are your favorite recipes? 

diffusing | a lot of thieves, orange, stress away and cinnamon 

baking | we baked pumpkin bread as a family the other evening (trader joe's brand) 

dreaming | about enjoying the rest of autumn and anticipating december days (my favorite month of the year.) i want to savor the rest of this season but look forward to the magic ahead... 
the anne springs close greenway . fort mill, south carolina
what have you been experiencing lately?

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