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christmas tree farm + santa visit

yesterday, we ventured about forty minutes outside of charlotte to a christmas tree farm. it felt so good to be out, in the cool air, filled eternally with the spirit of christmas. this season is especially beautiful because it focuses so much on what's already inside. what we need, we are given. what we desire, we already have. 

we went to a place called cedar lake tree farm in iron station, north carolina
and it was so ideal; simply perfect.
the people were all so friendly + there were animals, a play area (hay bales and a slide), a rustic campfire, free hot cider, a snack shop, fresh wreaths/garland, and lots of gorgeous trees. 
we decided to pick out one of the 'charlie brown' trees they had leaned up against the barn- we wanted to love on one that might not get loved. and we don't mind the holes (the guy helping us said, 'it's good for church- it's holy!' haha) 
these guys were so cute:
when he saw santa was there...
a visit with santa claus:
this is the first year that he really seems to 'get it' and it's been so magical already
he absolutely loved santa- who was just so amazing.
parks asked him for marshall's firetruck (the big one!) and santa said he wanted cookies and milk on christmas eve + that chocolate chip cookies are his favorite kind. it was so adorable. he wasn't scared (although he's almost always 'reserved' initially) but he talked to him a lot... santa was so personable.
even santa said nash is good! honestly, he gets that everywhere we go... and it's true. he is so good.
there's a little country in him (from momma)
i grew up going to a similar tree farm in ohio with my uncle, aunt, and cousins- and those memories are some of my fondest. it was about an hour away and we made a day out of it. i still remember the 'i spy' books in the car, rosa the donkey, the crackling fireplace, and playing with the cats in the barn. (i loved cats as a little girl- a lot.) some years it was bitterly cold but we would bundle up and make the trip. it was so special. and i can't think of a better way to kick of the season... 
he was able to run and explore 
we brought our tree home, cranked the holiday classics, lit candles, made a cheeseboard, opened some champagne and decorated. it was a day to remember.
i picked up this fur coat at a thrift store last weekend in alabama for $19.95 (it's a dream)
we all loved it- so much.
can't wait for this season . bring on the magic
nash is loving it, too.
if you are local, i can't recommend cedar lake tree farm enough
...we will be back next year...
thank you for the wonderful memories 
(you have a special place, cedar lake)

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