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a most grateful heart / our family photos

autumn is such a special time; a time that invites us to harvest the seeds we have planted throughout the year. a time to share our gratitude with others before winter comes and offers rest and renewal. i love this time of year because it encourages us to slow down, reflect, and spend quality time with our loved ones. 

all photos are by silver pebble photography (out of virginia but she travels to charlotte sometimes) 
it's been a dream of mine to shoot with her for years 
we took these in fort mill, south carolina . in a beautiful park called anne springs close greenway
and she was absolutely incredible... patient with parks, very fun and so talented
i feel like these photos tell a story of our life right now, during this special time in our lives
and i cried all day (sobbing) when we got them
the photo that did it most isn't even in this post - but i plan to share it soon
here are just a few of what we received, but there are so many that i loved
i hope to share more on here from time to time 
also, i recommend following silver pebble photography on instagram for the most gorgeous feed
my darling, first born . you are sunshine
in honor of this week and thanksgiving,
i thought i would share some of the things i am most grateful for right now,
the thoughts in my heart; thoughts regarding my family
that i am most grateful for.
a most grateful heart // 

01. our health
02. the love my boys have for one another; it's so pure and strong and extraordinary already + the love my husband gives to all three of us - he's genuine and affectionate and calm. (and lovable) 
03. they have both taught me the importance of living in the moment; making every day intentional
04. splashing and singing in the bathtub 
05. dressing my boys . bow ties, suspenders, vintage finds, leather shoes, rompers and bonnets 
06. how easily excited parks gets about all of the ordinary moments and things in life 
07. slow sunday mornings -- a candle burning, jazz or old country, pancakes on the griddle
08. when we read books and pray together before bed + how nash blows bubbles and belly laughs
09. how much parks + nash love to snuggle and hold hands with their momma
10. the way parks does a half smile when he's pondering or trying to convince (the 'milo' get it?)
11. two excellent road trip babes (seriously- feel so lucky for this) 
12. the power of a lollipop 
13. the bond i have with nash while he nurses 
14. i believe children create a village around them; one that both radiates our best passions and expresses innocence 
15. how raising kids so far has brought the greatest, most unexplainable joy ... it's a love so intense that it hurts. and is the closest love to God's love i have ever experienced - and there isn't anything better than that.
this one. 
"mom, i want to hold him ... i want to hold em'
thank you, amy / silver pebble photography 
(you are so wonderful)
you captured the moments
the tiny, perfect things
and we will forever be grateful for you.
-and this chapter in our lives-
happy thanksgiving to you and your family

outfit details
mine |
rose sherpa coat: target
earrings : shein

parks | 
bowtie: clt find
suspenders: target
pants and shirt: kid to kid
shoes: piper finn (they are having an awesome black friday sale on 11.23)

nash | 
romper: jamie kay
bonnet: roolee 
socks: amazon
sweater: kid to kid
binky | bibs usa
binky clip | amazon

wood toys | goodwill 
books | vintage and tiny, perfect things
quilt | otis and junebug (new bremen, ohio) 


  1. Such beautiful photos. So much to be thankful for

    1. so much!! thank you for your kind comment and hope you're doing well.

  2. Oh my goodness your family is BEAUTIFUL! I'm obsessed with the outfits of your sweet babies! What amazing photos to cherish as they get older! Random but I also love your "Pin it" on the photos, I've never seen one like that...really pretty!

    -Madi xo

    1. thank you!! so sweet of you. and i believe I bought the 'pin it' on etsy years ago... so nice of you. hope you're doing well. appreciate the love