olive june: November 2018

christmas tree farm + santa visit

yesterday, we ventured about forty minutes outside of charlotte to a christmas tree farm. it felt so good to be out, in the cool air, filled eternally with the spirit of christmas. this season is especially beautiful because it focuses so much on what's already inside. what we need, we are given. what we desire, we already have. 

a most grateful heart / our family photos

autumn is such a special time; a time that invites us to harvest the seeds we have planted throughout the year. a time to share our gratitude with others before winter comes and offers rest and renewal. i love this time of year because it encourages us to slow down, reflect, and spend quality time with our loved ones. 

a trip to birmingham, alabama

last weekend, nash and i traveled through a few states to visit my cousin, kelly, and her family in birmingham, alabama. parks stayed back with tim and made memories at the park, an ice cream shop, the aviation museum and at the donut shop (his very favorite.) knowing he was in the hands of my sweet husband and my in-laws, eased my heart. 

our trip was such a beautiful experience, getting to spend moments and time with my dear cousin. i grew up near her and often babysat her and her brothers, spent almost every christmas day together, we ran wild on our grandparents' farm, went on beach trips/ordered more seafood than we needed most of the time, loved to create arts and crafts, celebrated our german heritage at our local oktoberfest and went on many shopping trips with my mom and her mom/my aunt pam (whom i also adore with all my heart). 

with just the tiny babies, who still sleep a lot, we had time to just be and talk and laugh and browse thrift stores and indulge in sweet potato biscuits / spicy takeout food, and finally, a cold craft beer at a brewery. it was time together and it felt so deeply ours. saturday was a simple day, but the older i get, the more those days tend to be the best days. 

there are people in life that you just really mesh with... and kelly (one of my most loyal supporters in life/blog readers) and her husband, michael, are those types of people for me. they are both so kind and loving and have the best senses of humor. it was a weekend i will always remember. thank you both for opening up your home and creating such a comfortable space. i enjoyed it all so very much.

holiday decor favorites

- these three pieces are the extent of my decorating so far-

i am cherishing these november mornings, perhaps more than any other time of day. i do not think i will ever get over how i feel when i am holding one of my babies, especially with a hot cup of maple coffee in hand. i am in absolute awe over all the color. i sit with him and he squeals with his whole body. we are entering the season of renewal and hope and reflection. i am feeling so grateful, for so much and for everything. 

nash charles | month five . things i always want to remember

month five

this month brought a tiny glimpse into life with brothers (their love is just so beautiful) and there's nothing i have loved more than watching them interact. i am thankful every day that i was chosen to be their momma. 

simply loving

"unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not." 
- dr. seuss, the lorax

currently // november edition

"have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

holiday gifts | twelve book ideas for kids

the holiday season will be here in just a few weeks ... but if you are already decorating and shopping and wrapping and baking treats... i say, 'do it!' - 'you do you' (always). i just really love to embrace each season and love to do things like these (and voting) the day of/in the season. yet, is christmas music playing in our home/car - yes! and am i already starting to look for card designs and gift ideas- yes! but going to a christmas tree market after thanksgiving and decorating and shopping in december- with the people and all the festive things around me- is what i truly love. and one of the things i love to give most is a book (with a message inside).

mother / son date: you've got each other

a few weeks ago, we took our first momma + parks date. a happy meal at "donald's" (with ketchup- like only he can say it.) we talked about school and his friends and colors and watched the cars and trucks pass the window. then we took a trip to the toy store, where he picked out a wood guitar, just like his uncle's (my brother's) that he loves. watching him run from spot to spot, with so much excitement, brought tears to my eyes. he was so happy; there was so much joy. he picked up and explored all of the fun things in his vintage pants, button-up shirt, and dapper tie. then we enjoyed an ice cream cone and ended the night listening to his favorite band, 'florida georgia line' in the car. he tenderly said, "momma, i loved it." and i totally melted. when we got home, we danced in the kitchen to the song, "cruise" as he played his new guitar. 

parks james- you are the sweetest. you are sunshine. and i am so glad that you are mine. 
i am not sure if i have ever felt such j o y as i did with you that evening.

simply loving

"dismiss whatever insults your own soul..."
-walt whitman


happy day after halloween, my dear friends. i hope yours was safe and darling and cozy.