nash charles | month four . things i always want to remember | olive june

nash charles | month four . things i always want to remember

often i think, i know he really, truly loves me because i can feel his love balanacing between his heart and mine. i can feel his love in my skin. i can feel it in on my face. 

milestone cards | blossom and pear
things i always want to remember | 

01. your smile; it's just so sincere and so tender
02. your growing dark curly hair
03. snuggling after a bath
04. how you curl your toes, each touching its counterpart
05. how you grab my hand while nursing
06. your first trip to the mountains, pumpkin patches and to a local oktoberfest
07. how you love to sing and coo and laugh - even when it's silent, somehow i can hear it.
08. our time alone while parks is at school (three mornings a week) 
09. you are so lovable. we all love you so much. 
10. praying as a family before dinner- you in your bumbo as we all hold hands and say how thankful we are for - you.
he is our bubbie bear, baby bird, bubs. whatever we call him, he is still only ever, him.
our nash. the start of a dream. 
his knitted hat above | strings of love (etsy)
i could not have asked for a sweeter, more perfect, baby boy
four months | october 12, 2018
bear toy | elliefunday
big bro wanted to "help" with the photos
definitely going to take these while he is at toddler pre-school next time!
yet, i absolutely love how much he adores his baby brother.
this one. this one gets me every. time.

nash- keep growing, sweetie
so proud to call you mine.