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in our home | body + face

"there is no greater power than that of the sun, the moon, and a woman who knows her worth." 
// nicole lyons

my daily routine lately takes about as much time as it takes a song to play on the radio. 
as a momma of two, the time i have to myself is sacred- and rare. each minute of the day is filled with chasing, prepping food, playing with cars, exploring at the park, reading books, cuddling and holding, cleaning,  writing, taking photos - and exhaustion.
these are some of the products i am loving at the moment. they make me feel feminine and more like myself. i don't own a ton of products, but what i do have, i really do love.

05. ella + mila nail polish (it's vegan/and i love soft pinks and pumpkin inspired colors lately) 
06. essential oils- especially frankincense
10. bright lipsticks 
12. shop bando water bottles + cups (i can always tell a huge difference when i drink enough water)
15. beautycounter . charcoal cleansing bar
a few more scenes from our master bedroom / vintage medicine cabinet i use to store 
blush glasses | warby parker
photo of nash and i | b.posh photography
what body + face products are you currently adoring?
also, there will be a huge sale in my shop tonight... baby items will be $10, kids $12 and lots of women's pieces will be 50% off - enjoy! shop

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