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my boys | similarities and differences

although you never want to compare your kids... sometimes you do. i get asked all the time how parks and nash are the same and how they are different. (even though baby nash is still very young/new) ... but i thought i would share a few things.

when nash was born, i didn't initially see a huge resemblance to his big brother. however, as his cheeks have gotten bigger, i am starting to see this more and more. although i think he definitely has his own look, too. the opinions on this always vary... what do you think?

birth | sadly, parks' birth was long (over 22 hours), extremely painful (my epidural didn't work and i pushed for three hours with sciatic/lighting bolt pain) and ended with an unplanned c-section - it was all very traumatic. nash's was a planned c-section (we picked the date at the end of april and he stayed put/it was so surreal knowing the date and time) ... his birth day was calm and so beautiful. (although still slightly painful, yet nothing- at all- like parks') although i had very different births, both days brought an abundant amount of joy - an indescribable joy. and love- the deepest type. i wrote down nash's birth story but decided to keep it private this time. it was just very, very touching and so special. i loved it. very much. 

skin | nash has olive skin and parks' is more fair

size | parks has been much larger since birth (9 lbs 6 oz) and nash (7lbs 8 oz) - those two pounds make a big difference. neither better than the other - just a difference for sure.  

eyes | parks was born with very dark eyes and nash's were lighter and have since darkened to a pretty grey/hazel color 

hair | nash seems to have much darker hair at this point and it curls. parks has always had very straight hair and it's more of a medium brown color. 

toes | parks' are like mom's and nash's are dad's 

temperament | they are pretty similar- calm and tenderly sweet. parks was a little bit calmer as a baby, but i can't complain... nash is a very happy baby boy. both love car rides, bath time, being wrapped in the solly, music and stroller rides. of course, parks is now independent and has lots of opinions, but the two's have been awesome overall (so fun!) we are taking them one day at a time. some days are beyond magical and some days are just plain hard. 

sleeping | both started sleeping through the night around two months (so thankful for this) and the magic sleepsuit ... i am convinced that thing is indeed- magical. at this point, parks was already moved to his nursery/crib but nash is still sleeping in a bassinet next to me... with no end in sight. and i am okay with this. so okay with it. both of my boys have been pretty laid-back and did 'baby wise' on their own. 

eating | i pumped exclusively for eleven months with parks/he never latched (part of this might be linked to his traumatic entry?) however, nash has been nursing like a champ and it's been so, so much easier. and again, i am so thankful for this. i think back, 'how did i do that?' but you do things you don't think you can- you just do them. both boys took bottles well and loved sucking on a binky. i used natursutten with parks and bibsusa for nash. i recommend both of these. i feel like it's natural for a baby to want a binky and introduced them both early- anything to give them comfort when they are new and fresh- and probably scared. (in the hospital for parks and at two weeks for nash) at five months, parks found his right thumb and nash has already found his thumb- but his left one. isn't that how it usually works with siblings?

resemblance | sometimes i get that nash resembles me a bit (for example, my sister mentioned this recently- and my cousin) but the majority think they are both minis of my loving husband- and i am perfectly alright with this- because he's adorable. both boys light up when he enters the room - but prefer to snuggle with their momma.
parks + nash

i hope you continue to always be best buddies
God's plan for you both is so wonderful
you are each different - unique masterpieces

always remember
you are not alone 
even if no one is around, God is there.

your dad and i love you both dearly
and that will never change.
we will support and encourage you both 
in all of your days.
i can't wait to see what you both grow up to be.
take risks and follow your heart - always.
there is no one else i would rather call my son(s)
than you two.


  1. so beautiful! they are both precious & so loved ❤️

  2. Such a lovely post! Your boys are absolutely precious. Really interesting to hear about their differences. It's especially reassuring to hear about having an easier time with nursing and a 2nd time csection.

    1. so sweet! thank you and yes, both were much better. <3 i appreciate the love

  3. I wouldn't not be able to compare a little too if I had two boys. ;-) My brothers aren't all that similar but they are good friends!

    1. thank you!! and i hope parks and nash are good friends... i adore their differences/ways they are the same already. xo