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honest motherhood | 'motherly' articles

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every morning, i open my eyes to my sweet baby boy, who is sleeping next to me in his bassinet and i stare at him. and he smiles back. it's the most tender grin; so innocent and pure. while he nurses and my husband slips quietly out of the room to prepare breakfast for parks and coffee for me, i open our blinds to let in the light and it brings me so much joy. 

 i initially started this space to share all of the things i was loving; simple inspirations from daily life. now, as a mother, i feel like it's even more important for me to share inspirations. life with two babies has definitely been a change- my time is usually given to both of them throughout the day and it's usually non-stop; often leaving me feeling extremely exhausted and sometimes even lonely. however, i already feel so much love for nash and feel like he was always supposed to be with us- and i absolutely adore their strong brotherhood bond already. and it makes all of the tiredness, the fog, worth it.

but sometimes i yearn for more. 

lately, i feel like these articles from the website, motherly, have constantly been popping up on my facebook newsfeed - and they have touched me. so much. i have been saving my favorite ones to share with you all. i hope these beautiful messages also bring you some sense of comfort. 

this wood play gym from little dove store | amazon is just the most adorable baby product
(the gyms are currently sold out but they do have cute teepees available at the moment)

'motherly' articles i have loved | 

+ being a #boymom is right for me, so i am not 'trying' for a girl (i LOVE being a boy mom and will always embrace any gender that we are blessed with - but i can relate to people's comments regarding this... especially after announcing nash's gender. i simply do not understand this concept- it's a baby. and he is so loved. i wrote a little bit more about this here: our gender reveal)
+ to the exclusively pumping mama: a note of encouragement (i pumped for almost one year with parks and thankfully, nash nurses... pumping is so hard- and i feel you. you are doing a great job.) 
+ 10 reasons why 2-year-olds are magical (not terrible) ... i agree with this one so much. 
nash's shoes | nomies

i have just been connecting so much with all of these articles 
and wanted to share with you 
in case they can give you some ray of hope + motherhood connection
this stage of life is absolutely my favorite yet- but it's also the most challenging. 
these have all helped me during the hard moments 
and i hope they help you as well.
and always remember- 
you are not alone.

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