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five ways to boost your mood

side note: these are my dream floors (or a white or gray wash) but in an old creaky home. (surrounded by lots of big trees)

hello, dear friends. i hope you are enjoying your day so far. 

i remember vividly the beginning of my motherhood journey- the indescribable joys and all of the unknowns. i learned that listening to your soul and then mindfully crafting your intentions around your voice and priorities is so important. to plan out all of the things you need to do to care and give time and energy to your children. it took me time to realize that i needed to focus on grace. sometimes we have to dissect and shift the layers to what our noisy minds and distracted hearts are keeping us from; the harmony and compassion we yearn for most. our thoughts, ideas, and emotions need a pause, a moment to breathe, so we can be intentional and so we can encourage ourselves to move forward.

here are my top five tips for boosting your mood (especially for fellow moms) //

01 | take a shower every day - and blare those playlists. (we love spotify!) 

02 | diffuse all the oils . we almost always have our diffuser on and my favorite uplifting essential oils are: wild orange, lemon, peppermint, stress away, rose and frankincense

03 | get out of the house . even if it's for a simple iced coffee or a walk around the block ... it totally changes everything when we do this- for the better.

04 | meditate/yoga/follow your passions. mentally, i love to use the app, 'simply being' for meditation- to let go and to relax. i also am constantly practicing forgiveness and truly believe it's the best way to keep a calm mind. when i moved to charlotte, over eleven years ago, i started practicing yoga and it's been life-changing for me. most of my major anxieties and insecurities subsided over time as a result. and i can't recommend it enough. i also love to write and photograph and read stories and follow current events. lately, i have been listening to podcasts and self-help/non-fiction books are always my go-to's. 

05 | smile at that sweet baby . the warmth of my babies in my arms and how they feel, how they smell, how many blessings i have whispered into their ears. how small they are when they sleep, and how limitless they are without even knowing. the baby stage is so, so short. even if your baby cries a lot, smile at your baby often. i read this after parks was a tiny baby and it really stuck with me. this time around, i smile all day long at nash - i smile until my cheeks hurt. and at parks, too. their very innocence makes me a better human being. 
we had the best time celebrating my german heritage at a local oktoberfest in charlotte yesterday with good friends. it felt good and was the perfect way to re-charge. finding a like-minded tribe + moms that are similar to you, ones that lift you up/don't judge, is also one of the greatest things you can do. if you try to do it all on your own, without accepting help, you will become burnt out quickly. take the help / embrace your village.
what are your favorite ways to boost your mood?


  1. Love these tips, Janelle! I work from home so can appreciate the one about getting out of the house. :)

    1. Thank you so much!! And yes! I can totally tell on the days when this doesn't happen... even just for a bit- it makes such a difference. I appreciate you stopping in and hope your week goes well

  2. Getting out of the house makes all the difference!