a grateful heart | olive june

a grateful heart

"when you look at life through eyes of gratitude, the world becomes a magical and amazing place."
| jennifer gayle

 a grateful heart 

01. our church community- i honestly could not ask for a better place to go every sunday
02. how much parks loves to go to school - it warms my heart. he loves his friends and teachers so much
03. thrifting and weekend mornings at the farmer's market
04. ella + mila nail polish 
05. a spicy glass of red wine (or bubbly rose) . i really enjoyed a girl's night out saturday night
06. the rare rainy afternoons we get in the carolinas
07. the station, infinite acoustic, on spotify
08. my boys rocked our road trip last week | 'pippi stocking' remains parks' favorite movie!
09. iced coffee 
10. diffusing oils - lately i have been lovely a thieves + orange + cinnamon blend
11. peaches and avocados
12. consignment shopping for parks and nash 
13. fresh flowers 
14. the sight of pumpkins - it's almost autumn. however, i really try to savor each season 
15. time with family and friends lately
i hope you have been doing well
what are you most grateful for lately?

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