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snapshots | life lately

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every morning, around five or six, our alarm goes off in the form of a little squeal or whimper. he makes slight sounds that wake us instantly; his way of letting us know the day is ready for us all. we move slow and quiet. 

i turn to him in his bassinet next to me, smile and whisper, "good morning, my love" and i am met with a tiny grin and a deep gaze.  i gently pick baby nash up, still tightly swaddled, and feed and soothe him back to sleep. i feel like our new family routine is slowly forming and i find myself smiling throughout the day as i ponder this new life, as a family of four. 

to the new momma's | i really feel like week seven is the 'magical week' ... the time frame when you start to feel like yourself again. (something that is usually dearly missed - after about eleven months of feeling quite foreign to your own body). so if you are in the early weeks, you got this. and try to be gentle with yourself.

i am really enjoying this book, uninvited by lysa terkeurst 

i grabbed a glass of wine and went and saw rachel hollis' movie, made for more, with a friend last week. it was absolutely fantastic and truly spoke to me. i am hoping to share my thoughts in this space soon.
we have a trip coming up later this week ... the boys are i will be traveling to my home state; we are midwest bound to our favorite 'fly over state' / ohio for the next two and a half weeks. i am very excited to visit family and celebrate my niece's first birthday. my hope is to enjoy the rest of summer. i want to savor the rest of this season as slowly as possible. i am really looking forward to the cooler summer evenings up there; gathered around a campfire + time spent on a lake.
my husband brought these home from the market on a friday evening in july . the best surprise is seeing him walking up to our door with a fresh bouquet in hand. the older i get, the more i appreciate the simplest gestures- in fact, i actually prefer them. he is so sweet. his love for me is so deep; i can feel it every second i am near/with him.
-master bedroom scene-
rainy evening snuggles
thirty-eight weeks
although i miss being pregnant, the joy of meeting my sweet babies exceeds those days 
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i hope your week is going well!


  1. I'm STILL thinking about the movie! just so good.

    1. i loved it so much!! i want to watch it again... she is AMAZING. xo