read and listen + a summer playlist | olive june

read and listen + a summer playlist

may my heart
always be open
to little birds
who are the
secrets of
- e.e cummings

read + listen current favorites | 

podcasts | the armchair expert (i love, love dax shepard and kristen bell) . holding space . dais | find your platform . oprah's supersoul conversations . better than happy 

kids books | the pout-pout fish . press here . we love the entire 'little people, big dreams' series (i really want my boys to read and learn about the inspirational women of the past) .  you are special . if i could keep you little 
lastly, here is a 'summer porch sitting' playlist i created 
i hope you enjoy it
with an ice cold beer in hand, twinkling market lights above, and your favorite loved ones next to you
have a wonderful weekend


  1. I loved The Great Alone! And I am really enjoying Armchair Experts. ;-)

    1. it was so good!! and i can't get enough of dax... love his personality. i hope phoenix had the best birthday. xo

  2. I'm already re-reading GWYF! It's just that good!!

    1. I want to soon- I love her and the book!! and the movie. I hope to go to a conference at some point as well.. she's amazing. xo