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parks' big boy room

i just wanted to give a sincere 'thank you' for all of the love, messages and comments regarding nash's nursery (so sweet!) today, i am sharing parks' new big boy room with you all. we worked on their rooms simultaneously this past spring and i could not be happier with how they both came together. i had a lot of fun looking for ideas on instagram and walking around ikea (sans a toddler) trying to decide on the look i wanted to create. i love light, airy, and neutral colors with sentimental/meaningful pieces throughout. 

i dream about the day when my boys share a bedroom (just like my sister and i did until i was in high school and she was in seventh grade... some of my best memories/even though we didn't like it at the time and were usually dreaming about having our own rooms- which made it even more special when we did get our own rooms. i guess your parents do know better.) but someday, when they hopefully do share a room, i would love for them to have matching off white/light gray jenny lind style or antique beds ... but i decided on this adorable raw wood bed frame from ikea for parks during this early toddler stage. 

i didn't know if he would stay in his bed (he always loved his crib and never tried to climb out) but he blew me away with his love for his new big boy bed! besides 'falling out/the trip to the er for stitches incident' (exactly one week in), we haven't had any issues with him and he looks forward to going to sleep. we did order this side bumper after that awful day and it seems to work really well.
a park print + eucalyptus + prints my sister gave me for christmas from artifact uprising
the bunny rocking chair was another facebook mom group find for $10!
my dad put up the molding on the walls when i was pregnant with him and we still love it! i put a family photo, a vintage statue of mary, and a baby photo of my husband and i on the shelf
little brother chilling while we play with all the trucks and cars and buses and trains
i really love this rocking chair (ikea) ... it's more comfortable than i initially thought it would be (when i laid my eyes on it and fell totally in love) the dresser is also from ikea and i adore it- so many possibilities for future years; however, for right now, i am loving the natural wood.
i found this piece of art while thrifting with parks at salvation army while i was pregnant with nash 
roots + wings 
his bear, johnny cash, is loving the new room, too. all of his stuffed animals are named after old school country music stars 
my mom also loves to thrift and found that antique art piece (bottom right corner) and thought it looked like baby parks (and i agree/will always cherish it)
my boy loves a (huge) truck/toy vehicle so when i saw this extra large basket thrifting, i thought it would be perfect! he gets to pick out one for each nap 
i love the texture of anything knitted/yard/woven
my grandma just turned 89 and still loves to cross-stitch. how cute + special are these pillowcases 
sweet dreams, my big boy 
i am so proud of you
my favorite corner
just like nash's nursery, parks' new room brings a sense of calmness and peacefulness every time i enter. and i know he loves it ... which makes it even better. 

bed frame, dresser, rocking chair, overhead light, frames, book shelves | ikea 
large basket for toys, antlers, mary statue | sleepy poet 
name blocks | etsy
stuffed animals | jellycat
woven art, lamp, mirror, nightstand | target
natural jute rug | rugs usa 
bird art | salvation army 
hanging plant holder and white pom pom pillow | hobby lobby 


  1. You’re so talented! Great eye for design.

    1. love you!! this means so much... and thinking of you daily right now. thank you so much. xo