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a grateful heart

while my husband and toddler enjoy a week at the beach with family, i am having a 'staycation' with baby nash at home. and i am cherishing every second. although i have missed them since the moment they left (minus all of the toys- i don't miss picking up toys- all day long!!) but i miss them both very much. however, being able to have a quiet week with my second baby boy has been so nice. and i feel so thankful. a soft blanket/wearing our pajamas while enjoying old mad men episodes and reading for hours while he nestles into my chest. i have been hiding my phone and have listened to records and have made iced coffee every afternoon. it feels good to sip while i gently rub my newborn's soft head and just take in the day; loving on my son above anything else. 

to be still and to slow down. 

i hope you have all been well, my friends. 
and that you have been following the paths that feel good and true and sweet. 

i can only hope to feel as grateful as i do at the moment 
and deeply live life.

here is a list of what i am currently most grateful for //

01. such a calm (and incredibly sweet) newborn - he takes my breath away 
02. all of the time and help my mom has provided our family lately. you are wonderful, mimi. 
03. lunch on the lake
04. a trip to the library 
05. my pure haven skincare regimen (it's chemical/toxin-free) and is so lovely! 
06. an afternoon with friends this past weekend 
07. our hibiscus plant (it's a pale pink/salmon this year- my favorite annual flower color) 
08. smoothie and veggie bowls 
09. lilac + white nail polish 
10. watching the leaves sway on a summer afternoon
11. deep yellow tones 
12. all the knitted baby items 
13. the smell of my boys after a warm bath
14. quiet evening hours 
15. the loving notes, prayers and delicious dinners from close friends over the past five weeks
i feel most grateful in all that is seemingly simple
what are you most grateful for today?

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