our baby boy | nash charles | olive june

our baby boy | nash charles

on tuesday, june 12, 2018 we welcomed our sweet son, nash charles monaco, into the world. 

it was such a beautiful day; we are so deeply, madly, in love with our baby boy. 

 7lbs 8 oz . 20.75 inches . 12:24 pm
my birth was the opposite of last time and could not have gone better
it was calm and magical 
and i am so thankful 
a momma's love 
behind his name:

nash | an english name that is thought to mean "at the ash tree" and is commonly associated with being loving and community-minded (characteristics that we would love for any of our children to have) + our mutual love for old country / music city and momma's roots. 

charles | in memory of my sweet paternal grandfather, charlie. he was the patriarch of our family and played a significant role in my life. parks' middle name is james - after my husband's maternal grandfather. i love for middle names to have meaning... and this is so special to me. 
baby nash- you are so loved. 
just a few nursery photos but i plan to share more soon
we appreciate all of the love and prayers throughout this pregnancy 
and feel so incredibly grateful for this baby.


  1. yay!!!! so glad the day was amazing and filled with so much joy! he's adorable, congrats to you all!!!

    1. thank you so much!! <3 so in love! we appreciate all the love.