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my bedtime routine

"rest nurtures creativity, which nurtures activity. activity nurtures rest, which sustains creativity. each draws from and contributes to the other." - kim john payne author of simplicity parenting

i used to just go up to our bedroom- often not taking the time to take care of my skin and turning on the tv/playing on my phone before crashing- literally. and it was usually really late (between 11pm-midnight). over the past year, i have been more intentional and have learned that how i end each day has a major impact on my body/life.  a more meaningful and slower bedtime routine has become a cherished ritual.

here are some of the things i love to do during my bedtime routine:
(i do not do all of these daily)

01. time frame . i have been moving it up by a lot (hard at first) but i am loving it! 
02. essential oils . i almost always have a diffuser running on my side table (lavender and thieves) 
03. books + podcasts + music . i love classical piano, tift merritt and then dax shepard's podcasts 
04. baths . totally keep me going during pregnancy (this is my favorite for the water) 
05. no technology / tv . my husband and i love a good documentary or series - so we often watch one before heading upstairs 
06. a consistent skincare routine . it has taken me decades ... but i feel like i finally found the skincare (chemical/toxin free) + make-up that i truly l.o.v.e (i hope to share these finds soon) but waking up with a clean, fresh face is the best feeling. 
07. place a glass of water next to your bed - it makes me really happy if needed!
08. vitamins . this pregnancy i have been taking supplements, vitamins and probiotics- and can tell a huge difference 
09. a tidy space . if the space around me is neat and put away, i sleep better; more peacefully
10. prepare a cup of your favorite herbal tea 
11. decor i adore . i have been much more intentional about what i purchase and have purged (almost) all of the things we don't need/i would say the process is about 85% done/i hope to always continue it ... i am not a minimalist but have enjoyed the process of eliminating the unnecessary things from our home. now, i feel like everything has a place and that the decor that fills the spaces brings joy
12. meditate . even just five or ten minutes (i love the app: simply being) meditating helps ease my mind by putting it at peace and then helps impulses in future stressful situations - it helps with memory, stress and anxiety.
13. floss / brush teeth
14. light some candles / dim the lights 
15. show gratitude + kids journal + prayer 

ps: and then ... don't watch the handmaid's tale before bed (it's so dark and i just don't think my mom heart can go on watching it... thoughts?) i will admit- it's very well done and i do love elisabeth moss 
recent thrift + vintage finds 

how do you love to unwind at night?


  1. The hubs and I have never had a TV in our room, and I think we’ll continue that practice as long as possible (although sometimes I wish we had one so we could put on PBS for the kids while we got ready when needed). And I’m a read-before-bed gal. It’s crucial to winding down for sleep for me. Victor can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, but I need to read first. And apparently studies show reading before bed is super good for it lowers your stress and BP and stuff!

    1. hi!! i am so proud of you all for that... i def. think of getting rid of ours often :) and reading before bed is where it's at- I can totally see that!! <3 wishing you a wonderful week.

  2. I definitely need to be more intentional about my bed time routine. I usually jump into bed and snuggle with my husband then fall asleep right away but I definitely need to have a better routine. These are some great tips!

    1. thank you so much!! you're the best and i totally do that sometimes as well... esp. pregnant. i am just so excited for you all! sending lots of good thoughts and prayers to you. xo

  3. I don't think I'd be able to watch Handmaid's Tale while pregnant. It's so good, but so intense. I've been trying to read more before bed -- even if for 10 minutes. It instantly makes me sleepy. ;-)

    1. hi!! i watched season one during my first trimester and have only watched the first episode of season two- so intense. i just don't think i can watch anymore (i might try one more.) and i really enjoy reading before bed!! it helps me so much as well... thank you so much for stopping in. xo

  4. I think your routine is really interesting. You manage to have time to yourself, as well as with your loved ones. I will be taking tips from this post!

    1. thank you so much!! <3 it's always a work in progress...