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i have learned

the notes section of my phone is full of quick flashes in time~ moments, a love letter to my husband, people to forgive, lyrics, books to read, names of our future children, it's all there. lately, i have been using my notes section to write down things i have learned and am trying to live by them. our lives are worthy and they are beautiful and they are homemade. however, our heads are tricky creatures. by writing down my thoughts regularly, i am able to set a tone for my days.

there are only three more mornings that parks has school and i can make appointments (toddler-free) and enjoy area coffee shops while working... i am savoring these days before this chapter closes again. i have enjoyed them so much- but seeing his excitement before and after school has been the greatest joy. 
here is my current list | 

+ if you are feeling the itch to travel, start making some plans
+ stop glorifying busy 
+ essential oils are not just a fad
+ a warm bubble bath can solve anything
+ create small bouquets on walks
+ a summer craft beer is so.soon. for this girl! charlotte is full of breweries and i miss our family days at a local spot together 
+ start a photography budget for your future family when you get married... it's expensive- but so worth it- in my opinion 
+ join spotify and crank up the family dance parties... and family naps. we love piano music during those slow mornings and afternoons 
+ don't compare your baby, your husband, yourself. you are loved and are exactly how God made you to be.
+ visit the library more 
+ always look back at where you came from 
+ light candles - all day long. the flicker of the wick can soothe the soul. 
+ accept all types of people and adapt- be flexible. (if teaching school for nine years taught me anything- it was to be as flexible as possible) life is more fun and less stressful that way. 
+ when you are really struggling, go outside and listen to the trees, the birds, take in the fresh air- that's what peace looks like. 
+ follow your heart- always. 

...what would your notes section currently say...

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