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april moments

i am pretty sure april was the fastest month- ever. i was talking with my husband the other night and we both agreed. it was full of working hard to get ready for baby and some traveling to visit family and friends. upon arriving home, we have spent some mornings at home together, wrapped up in our bed. my husband's arms wrapped over parks' little body makes me realize that all i am ever journeying to is being beside them, taking in their lives like a person who takes in the ocean for the very first time. 

it is beautiful and vast beyond words.
it's all there is, all the possibility for more is just extra. 
kind of like, more heaven

-the new nursery-

nesting | 

my husband sent me the sweetest note the other day about the boys' new rooms and how proud and amazed he is at how i envisioned and put everything into a place on a pretty tight budget. we didn't want to spend a ton but are both really happy with how they are both coming together. i hope to share the details of them both soon... 

i find myself opening and closing the rooms often. i secretly, quietly, and deeply smile. another day. more progress. more growth. more love. more love. more love. 

this time around, the days have been much harder. my heart literally races and hurts, all day. i keep hope. i keep faith. i trust. i assume this is all a part of my voyage, sailing straight to his arms. 

i dare not wish a minute of it away. or wish for the days for it to be over. i love every second. i love every ache. every lost breath. each sciatic nerve collapsing. i fight to be the best possible home and host to our light; preparing and praying for the arrival of our baby boy. 
gia and the blooms | over-the-rhine, cincinnati

roaming | it felt so good to travel and visit my home state. oh, how i miss my family and friends... so dearly. we enjoyed time together and celebrated my niece, leona's baptism. cincinnati has changed so much (for the better) since my days of exploring (back in college).  i could spend days visiting all of the new shops, restaurants, breweries, cafes, etc. 

i want to go here
and here 
all wrapped up in their papi's arms 
shop: idlewild woman | over-the-rhine, cincinnati (this area is the cutest)

wearing | 

tassel earrings (local to charlotte) 
the two sides of parks: party animal (he loves to laugh and play) + sleepy sweetness
reading | 

+ little fires everywhere by celeste ng (i read this in a few days and really enjoyed it- i was able to take a break from 'nesting' while in ohio and it felt good to read a book!) 
+ the seven principles for making marriage work (for my women's church group) 
the little white porcelain frame: rein | state 
(a local photographer + momma from home/i am in love with her new shop!)  

at parks' school yesterday, every child brings in a flower or two and then they make them into bouquets for the teachers - for 'may day'. parks brought the pink roses above... isn't this the loveliest tradition? 
their love is so sweet- so pure. 

what were your april highlights + special moments?


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely April. I've been struggling with exhaustion and nausea and wishing the first trimester would pass but your post reminded me to enjoy it with every ounce of my being because it won't be like this for long.

    I just adore your sweet words and of course, precious Parks, too. The pictures of him with your niece are so cute! They're both adorable. Happy May!

    1. awe- thank you!! i am so in love with her!! and hope things get better soon- i can totally relate that (all of last oct-december) :( but can't wait to follow your journey. get lots of rest - xo

  2. Little Fires Everywhere is on my bookshelf to read soon! Enjoy these last few weeks as you wait for baby!

    1. thank you!! you are going to really enjoy it i think! <3 it's good!!