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a third trimester checklist

twenty-seven weeks 

it's hard for me to believe that i am now in my final trimester. it was not until i sat down a few afternoons ago, i mean really hunkered down, feeling the weight of my pregnant body sunk into the middle of our couch, that i reflected on the gravity of where my life is right now.  i am about to be a mother of two. 

reflecting on pregnancy wells up a range of emotions for me. i am sure i have said it before- but what what a beautiful responsibility being pregnant is. i feel very grateful for this opportunity and have found both pregnancies so far to be such a humbling experience, each different from the other, full of nuances and distinctions; giving me different feelings, surprises, joys, and shaping me into the person i am today. 

-with possibly single digit weeks to go, i thought i would compile a list of goals for this chapter-

a checklist |

01. enjoy as many baths (with a podcast, book, essential oils, candle burning) evenings as i can 
02. take lots of photos and savor all the moments 
03. continue to walk (i think this is the prettiest our city has ever been) and do pre-natal yoga classes
04. pack the hospital bag (yes, it will include a lot less this time) here is a post for guidance 
05. spend as much quality time with parks as possible 
06. install the infant car seat 
07. have a plan for parks during the birth 
08. make few freezer meals 
09. purchase and organize nursing supplies  
10. do baby boy's little whites/laundry 
11. decorate the nursery (it is painted and has a rug in it- and that's about it) 
12. plan some date nights 
13. set-up photography 
14. balance the nesting with taking it slow/resting (in other words, listening to my body) 
15. enjoy time with loved ones / alone time with him
dress | forever21 . shoes | target
-a master bedroom scene- 

if you are expecting, i hope this helps you 
please feel free to reach out regarding any pregnancy questions


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    1. thank you SO much!! 5 weeks. i can't even believe it and can't wait to meet him. xo

  2. I love the style in your home! I might just copy it!