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a 'my favorite things' party

i recently attended a 'my favorite things' party with some dear friends in greenville, south carolina. this was the second annual and i really enjoyed the evening. i brought my clothes/shop and we all mingled, enjoyed food + drinks, and then shared our favorites. the concept is that everyone brings two things that they love (we all went around and shared why/passed the item around) and then you exchange gifts. each gift was around $25 and included one/both of that person's favorite thing(s). the sweet hostess, alissa, always does such a wonderful job of making us all feel so welcomed and even created little swag bags for each of us with some of her favorite things. she made the best dill pickle dip (perfect for a pregnant momma!) and sparkling strawberry lemonade cocktail - i highly recommend them both!

there were so many things that i really loved so i thought i would share them with you all! 
here are the items that people shared |

01. the wet brush (i LOVE this!! it's been life-changing for my hair already and is really reasonable)  
10. blender bombs (these are added to your smoothie to help fill you up with the right things)
14. doterra essential oils and wood box for storing
19. gratitude journal | target
21. bathing suit and cover-up | splash on main
33. portable phone charger keychain | stella and dot
39. milk street magazine subscription (this looked like a phenomenal magazine!!) 

one of mine was the watercolor portraits from little missy rae (an adorable and very talented teen in utah) i had two friends there that recently got married and i had the watercolor paintings wrapped (each one was of the couple, their names, wedding date/flowers) and they opened them... and their reactions were so genuine, so priceless. there were even tears. it warmed my heart. i love to give these as wedding gifts... a card/cash the day of and then i send her a photo of the couple from their special day and she creates the painting. people are always blown away by the resemblance and how beautiful they are. 

she also had papers printed out for the following: 

favorite podcasts
favorite instagram feeds
favorite books 

a few days after the party, she sent out a spreadsheet with links / all the info for the things + favorites
if you were attending the event, what two things would you bring?


  1. I'm going to a favorite things party next week!! We are doing it a bit differently. There are 7 of us, so each of us are bringing 6 of whatever we pick. We don't have a price limit but we're all spending around $5 each. I am excited to see what everyone comes up with in that budget!!

    1. hi! i hope you had the best time!! aren't they just so much fun? and that's a great idea as well... there are lots of great things for not a lot of money. thank you so much for stopping in and sharing <3