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tiny morning light

"when life gets blurry - adjust your focus."

every morning, i seem to wake merely seconds before parks. my husband usually brings him into our bed and he gingerly crawls over and snuggles next me with his plush dino. i see his messy hair and can feel his back or his tummy pressed tightly into my curves. his body is always so soft and so warm, only the way babies are. it's a precious few seconds that i have earned, after chasing him all day and into the night and knowing that if i move slightly or fix positions, i will break what i live for. 

his eyelashes are growing and so are his legs. his smile becomes bigger and more genuine every day.

i like to believe that one day, he will love how much we noticed every little thing about him. 
this morning, my husband woke me up early and told me that i had the entire day off... a day off to head to the spa at the ritz carlton in uptown charlotte for a pre-natal massage and facial. this is only my second time at a spa ever (it's not the norm around here!) and i took it all in. i sat in the salt room and sipped on tea, i read fashion magazines and looked over uptown charlotte from the 17th floor. it was quiet and peaceful and i left so revitalized. i left and went to a local deli and then to a new coffee shop.  it reminded me of one of my most memorable assignments in college. our professor had us do a 'day date,' an entire day by ourselves to do all of the things that we love- a day to recognize the importance of self-care and to reflect. it is the one assignment that i remember most vividly from my days at miami university. something so simple- yet so important for living a meaningful life.  
he loves to be outside- playing with his cars and trucks and listening for every fire truck nearby- every airplane up above. i never knew how much a little boy could bring so much joy to each day.


  1. Your day sounds heavenly. And I hear you on soaking in all of their little morning details. Even though I'd love to hit snooze I love the morning snuggles.

    1. it was so lovely!! i feel the same way but bedtime and morning snuggles are too cute/good to pass up! hope you're all doing well- i have loved your photos + stories lately!!