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simply loving

"be curious. not judgemental." - walt whitman

simply loving //
01. adoring this cute kitchen
02. this facial cleanser - in love.
03. straw round bag - i am totally digging these!
07. this gorgeous spring wreath is now on our front door (thank you, darling do blog for the find!) 
08. the color, lavender 
09. the chiropractor and obgyn we chose for this pregnancy- so amazing. 
12. watching parks' sweet personality blossom- he is so loving. 
13. musical artists: she & him, cat stevens, lucy rose, gardiner sisters, rosie carney 
15. the smell of a rainy day and the birds chirping around charlotte 
-twenty-three weeks pregnant / 2.23.18-
my shoes and maternity jeans are both from target
wishing you a wonderful weekend 
-any plans-

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