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questions to ask when decluttering

creating exactly the home you imagine is a big project. yet you may find your greatest challenge comes before you can even start. how do you make space for beauty and pretty things? maybe it's nesting for our june babe (although i would argue that i am a natural 'nester') but i have been in full purging, selling online, donating to local charities, giving away to friends/cousins, and organizing mode since the new year began- and it feels really good. i love this new mindset and how our home is slowly beginning to feel- it feels more like us: more cozy, more simple, more intentional. things i used to think we 'needed,' we actually don't- and it's so freeing. as a result, when i go to a store/thrift, i am buying more consciously and more carefully- pieces i really adore.

here are some questions i recommend asking yourself | 

01. does your space feel crowded? (this will vary from person to person) 
02. have i used this in the last year? 
03. would you like to own less? less of what?
04. could someone else use this more than me? 
05. is this something i use regularly? 
06. if not, is this something that i love?
07. am i saving this just in case?
08. do i have a similar item that serves the same purpose?
09. do i have multiples of the same item?
10. does this spark joy?
five things to organize this week |

01. your car (i love to do this while pumping gas) 
02. expired items in your refrigerator
03. your sock drawer
04. excess coffee mugs 
05. the junk drawer 

i hope these help you to get started on your journey. i don't suggest you empty your house or even a whole room in one sitting, but i suggest noting target areas. for example, the kitchen, toy room, closets, dresser drawers, and bookshelves are a great place to start. i would love to hear how your family approaches decluttering; bringing a value to mindfulness and simplicity in your home. 


  1. I'm all about decluttering. I feel like I am constalty doing it! I love the idea to ask youself if someone can use something more than you. If you never use something, why are you holding onto it? My motivation for starting to declutter was the fact that we move so much. When you move, you literally have to touch every single thing you own to put it away in your new home. But I found that I am so much happier when I have less things around and less to clean.

    1. same!! all the time and I find that i have less to clean as well- it feels sooo good. i keep telling myself that it's a journey and to not get overwhelmed/just keep doing it as much as needed. i hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for reading!! xo

  2. I love all of your car really needs to be fully cleaned. And I recently have gotten rid of a lot of mugs. Mugs are so easy to accumulate!

    1. thank you! my car does as well- hopefully this weekend! I am doing the coffee mugs and junk drawer today - yay! hope you're doing well. your ongoing support means so much to me. xo