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hosting a baby shower | five tips

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one of my favorite things to do for my loved ones is to throw small, intimate gatherings - especially to celebrate an upcoming baby. last weekend, my husband and i threw a couple's shower with two other couples for dear friends, who are planning to welcome a baby girl in early may. it was lots of fun and they were so appreciative of everything. most of all, i hope it was memorable! 

here are a few detail photos and some tips i have for hosting:

our local target has a bakery and the baked goods are always delicious and are usually very reasonably priced
i usually set out some of parks' wooden toys, books, and a stuffed jellycat
i also love to get a pair of cute shoes (amazon has awesome ones for under $5) to give as a gift but also to help decorate the dessert + decor table
five of my favorite tips | 

01. create a google doc to keep track of everything as you plan (this is especially helpful if you are planning with other people). 
02. purchase 'thank you' cards that look like the person/couple and have the guests pre-address the envelopes for them. one of the last things you want to do when you are pregnant/planning a wedding is to spend time looking up and writing out addresses. 
03. big balloons (like these) + a polaroid camera create an easy/fun photo booth set-up
04. i love trader joe's for fresh flowers (you can never go wrong with a $2.99 bundle of eucalyptus!) ... a local farmer's market is also my go-to for florals.
05. this book is my favorite for people to sign as a guest book. the illustrations are beautiful, the message is so sweet and there is a place at the beginning of the book to write the baby's name 
ask the couple for framed photos to set out- to add a personal touch
i hope you find these to be helpful! 
and i hope to share more in the future.
what are some of your favorite tips?

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