olive june: March 2018

simply loving

"pause and remember. if you empty yourself of yesterday's sorrows, you will have much more room for today's joy." -jennie young

a few beauty favorites

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"be your own kind of beautiful"

style | easter edition

easter style is all about feminine pieces, a pastel color scheme and white lace for me. it's about being stylish while also comfortable and classy for church, dinner, and hanging out with family. whether you love to get super dressed up or more casual, i think you should pick clothes and trends that you love most. 

an easter basket for parks

easter is coming soon and so is the easter bunny... even before i became a mom, i loved making my husband an easter "basket" each year. now, as a mom of a toddler, i really enjoy creating a basket for him. however, i think this is the first year that parks will actually understand what is happening (yay!) next year, i might take a toy dump truck or wagon and fill the back with treats but here is what i created for this year. 

road tripping with a toddler | ten tips

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-twenty-seven weeks with my sweet summer boy-

in april, parks and i will be making another trip to the midwest to see family and friends. it's about an eight-hour drive, without stops. this can easily turn into an extra hour or two with a toddler, which sometimes means we have to get creative. parks loves the car (he always has) and enjoys looking for every school bus and truck along the way. however, he does get restless from time to time. hopefully, these toddler survival tips for a road trip will help you on your next adventure.

simply loving

parts of this post were sponsored | thank you so much for supporting 'olive june'

questions to ask when decluttering

creating exactly the home you imagine is a big project. yet you may find your greatest challenge comes before you can even start. how do you make space for beauty and pretty things? maybe it's nesting for our june babe (although i would argue that i am a natural 'nester') but i have been in full purging, selling online, donating to local charities, giving away to friends/cousins, and organizing mode since the new year began- and it feels really good. i love this new mindset and how our home is slowly beginning to feel- it feels more like us: more cozy, more simple, more intentional. things i used to think we 'needed,' we actually don't- and it's so freeing. as a result, when i go to a store/thrift, i am buying more consciously and more carefully- pieces i really adore.

hosting a baby shower | five tips

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one of my favorite things to do for my loved ones is to throw small, intimate gatherings - especially to celebrate an upcoming baby. last weekend, my husband and i threw a couple's shower with two other couples for dear friends, who are planning to welcome a baby girl in early may. it was lots of fun and they were so appreciative of everything. most of all, i hope it was memorable! 

here are a few detail photos and some tips i have for hosting:

tiny morning light

"when life gets blurry - adjust your focus."

simply loving

"be curious. not judgemental." - walt whitman