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shipt | groceries delivered for free!

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"slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you." - john de paola

i recently tried shipt, a membership-based online grocery marketplace and i am so in love. through a convenient app, shipt offers a quality, personalized grocery experience by delivering fresh foods and household essentials from target / stores to your doorstep. my first experience was wonderful and i am so excited about how much time i am going to save, thanks to this service. are you interested in getting your groceries for free, too? scroll down to the bottom of this post for a special link to get $10 in free groceries and two weeks free delivery. 

how it works | 
the shipt app was very user-friendly- i found the process so much easier than being in a store. all of the weekly sales and discounts are organized into sections so you can tell what you would be saving and how much the discount is/what bundles are available. most importantly, our shopper, ann, went above and beyond to make sure all of our food was perfect. on the shipt app (you can also shop from a desktop/laptop), you can organize your favorites or there is a 'buy again' option as well. i really enjoyed being able to compare all options before deciding on the best choice for our family. once you add to your cart, you can choose when you would like your groceries to be delivered- with options just a few hours out from when you place your order or you can wait until the next day if that works better for you. i chose to have them come right after the pick-up time at parks' school because i knew we would be home for naptime. again, i think i am simply obsessed! instead of going out to the store after school pick-up, we were able to get home earlier and get many other things accomplished. plus, parks is usually really tired from playing all morning at school so this helped both of us. the membership is $99 for an entire year (which is about $8.25 a month). with your membership, you will get free delivery on any order over $35. you can also just do a monthly membership for $14 per month. just think about all of the time and money you will save with this service...
i loved grocery shopping at many target stores in the charlotte area before - and it's even better now. plus, i didn't come home with any impulse purcahses! 
five reasons to get shipt | 

01. have visitors coming to your home? you now have time to clean the sheets and bathrooms. 
02. shipt shoppers are friendly and are extremely professional- they are able to pick out the best of the best when it comes to produce and check all expiration dates. 
03. sick kids at home, a new baby (this is going to be even better this summer for us!) or wanting a date night-in, it's so easy to just go online and have everything come to you... 
04. out of ziploc bags, paper towels, cleaning supplies? you can have them delivered in about two hours while you work on other things around your home.
05. all of the time and money you will now save with shipt! 
i focused on healthy options for my pregnancy cravings! honestly, it was so much easier to resist the more tempting items at the store by using shipt; allowing me to conveniently browse for the 'right' options.  
want $10 in free groceries + two weeks free delivery
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i was working in my shop when ann arrived at our door- she was so friendly and sweet 
i truly can't recommend shipt enough and am so excited about all of the time and money we are going to save by having our groceries delivered to our door this year + all of the discounted items that are easily accessible from this service. if you decide to try shipt, please let me know. i would love to hear what your thoughts are... but i really think you are going to enjoy it- a lot! 


  1. What a cool service! I'll have to check it out.

  2. I've never used a grocery delivery service before, but I see how much of a time saver it'd be -- new baby or if you work full-time!! I hated spending my free time grocery shopping when I worked full-time and commuted. This would have been a game changer.

    1. it's totally a game changer!! esp. at around $8.25 a month! you can see all of the sales/don't have to spend the time- loved it! hope you're doing well!

  3. I have never used grocery delivery either... but you made me want to try it! ;)