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in our home | practicing hygge

"the true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life." 
- william morris

thank you all so very much for all of the love, messages and prayers about our baby brother news. every single message was so heartfelt and i enjoyed reading each one. thank you- from the bottom of my heart. ever since i saw the movie, lion, last year, the thought of two boys first/the bond of brotherhood, has been in the back of my mind.

as we prepare, i plan to share some more of our lifestyle/home, the nesting adventures, the baby/toddler products we love- the process with you all. today, i am sharing one of the things that i am most passionate about; living a life of intention. within the past year, i have adopted the idea of hygee into our lives and i just adore it. it's one of the reasons i love winter so much (and all of the seasons: embracing each one for what it is- and enjoying the days involved).

hygee [hoo-ga] 1. the art of building a sanctuary and community. of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open-hearted and alive  2. to create well-being, connection, and warmth 3. a feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other 4. celebrating the everyday.

this is a danish term that means "a quality of coziness and comfortability; a feeling of contentment or well-being." the danish people are among the happiness in the world and i love their approach to life. here are some ways this lifestyle incorporate it into your home.  



some essentials |
+ warm blanket + socks
+ a diffuser
+ a fireplace
+ knitting
+ reading
+ treats
+ writing/journaling
+ candles/lighting
+ friends/furry friends
+ a trip around ikea will help inspire you
taking the morning slow with my boys... showing little brother his baby book. i am loving these floral pajama pants from the pink blush maternity line

tips for a more mindful home |
-not all of these at once but some i love-

+ wake up with the sun / there is no purer light than when we open our eyes in the morning
+ make your bed / the state of your bed is the state of your mind 
+ sit / mindfulness + meditation 
+ touch your planner before you touch your phone
+ stay equal and in harmony
+ put a glass of water by your bed / if you don't drink it before bed, drink it when you wake up
+ empty the hampers / do the laundry without resentment 
+ wash your bowl / rinse away self-importance and clean your own mess. if left undone, it will get sticky. 
+ empty your car while you get gas 
+ take your vitamins
+ lower your grocery bill by buying less meat / there is a lot of protein in vegetables
+ don't keep clothes you don't wear / i am in full purging mode and am even striving for a capsule wardrobe someday- i literally have about a fourth of what i used to own
+ write stuff down when you think of it
+ play classical + jazz music 
+ pick your battles
+ say you're sorry but don't apologize for yourself when you're not wrong
+ maximize your strengths
+ exercise / i have been trying to 'move the bump' at the gym almost every morning (cardio) and then am also trying to attend a pre-natal yoga one-two times a week
+ go for experiences, not things
+ read at least one book every month
+ know your enneagram (i am a #9/peacemaker and then a #2/helper + #4/individualist are my second and third) knowing your strengths and weaknesses and how others act + view the world is so important. my sister is an #8/challenger (the very opposite of me) and it has helped our relationship a lot- knowing how to converse, understand and intepret one another- especially because we are so different (which is okay). our church did a ten week study on it this past fall and it was so fascinating. i have been shocked by how many people know/talk about how this ancient method has helped to improve relationships/their quality of life. 
+ eat when hungry / align your desires with your true appetite (this is hard while expecting but i am trying and striving for self-control! i really want to be healthy for my kids) 
+ go for a walk after dinner
+ messy is perfect! remind your friends of this if you stop by and they apologize for a messy house
+ when you can, pay for the drive through order for the car behind you 
+ get off facebook / if you are on it, set a limit and don't compare 
+ nurture your relationships
+ let the darkness come / set a curfew for the internet/tv and enjoy the moments between daylight and darkness, work and rest
+ sleep when tired / nothing more to it. 
+ visualize the outcomes you want to achieve
+ practice smiling more - it will make your day. 
setting it up |

01. set the mood
02. be present. put the cell phone away / out of sight is even better
03. share
04. be grateful
05. treat yourself
06. don't brag
07. get comfy
08. ditch drama
09. build relationships
10. create a space

have you ever practiced hygee?
...does it match your lifestyle + perspective on life...
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