a baby product | summer infant baby pixel 5.0 inch touchscreen color video monitor | olive june

a baby product | summer infant baby pixel 5.0 inch touchscreen color video monitor

thank you to Summer Infant for kindly sponsoring this post. all opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.
 as we start to plan for a new baby boy this summer, i plan to share some of my favorite newborn + toddler products with you all along the way. this stage, the planning and getting ready for a new sweet little one, is so exciting for me. 

today i am sharing my favorite baby monitor from summer infant. it is the baby pixel 5.0 inch touchscreen color video monitor. there are so many things that i love about this monitor, but most of all, i really love the sleep zone virtual boundary feature. this is a new innovative technology that helps alleviate some of the nighttime and nap time worries for parents. this monitor allows you to set a boundary box around your baby's safe space to alert you when your child exists their immediate surroundings. whether your child rolls into a corner or is plotting an escape, the sound alert will help you to keep baby safe. how amazing is this feature? we didn't have this when parks was a newborn and i am so glad we will have this peace of mind with our second babe. 

setting up the summer baby pixel 5.0 inch touchscreen color video monitor was super easy- the camera and screen come automatically paired, so there is nothing to do but plug in both parts. there is a quick start guide in the box just to guide you through the initial setup if you aren't sure. the camera also comes with wall clips and instructions on how to install properly. the monitor is also a 100% private connection as it's not attached to wifi, so there is no need to worry about network security. 
special features | 

+ a one-year warranty
+ a five-inch color lcd screen
+ talk back to baby
+ temperature display
+ time display
+ two color | off/on nightlight
+ three-level zoom
+ up to a 1,0000=ft range
+ voice-activated video on/off | the screen display will auto-wake when the baby begins to cry, babble, fuss and then will automatically return to power save mode after thirty seconds with no activity 
+ wall mount hardware
+ a 360 tilt camera steering | as you tilt and move the 5" handheld monitor up, down, and side-to-side this camera mimics your own movement for a better view of baby
+ sleepzone virtual boundary | set a boundary box around a selected area to alert you when your baby exists their safe space (my favorite part) 
+ this is also an expandable system | up to four cameras 
here is a video that shows all of the incredible features of the summer infant 5.0 inch baby pixel touchscreen color video monitor 
while parks naps, i am usually working in my shop 
i love being able to watch him / listen using this baby pixel 5.0 touchscreen color video monitor
the camera is so crisp, colorful, and shows the entire room 
does anyone else's toddler beg for lollipops at 8am 
we recently bought these jammies for his little brother and he tried them on - so cute

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i highly recommend this product- a product that we use daily and will continue to use for many months (and years) to come, especially with the arrival of our sweet baby boy in june. xo


  1. We were given a hand-me-down basic monitor for Phoenix but we rarely used it. I would have loved a video monitor, but at the time couldn't really justify the price tag! I think it would be beneficial when you have multiple kids though!

    1. I totally get it! I rarely used our monitor honestly but I LOVE this one!! You should enter the giveaway <3