our gender reveal | boy or girl | olive june

our gender reveal | boy or girl

"and she loved a baby boy so much- even more than she loved herself."
// the giving tree

in june, we are going to welcome another sweet boy, a baby brother for parks 
-another darling boy-
my momma heart might explode
this past sunday was the day we spent as a family; we spent the whole day together. it was the 30th anniversary of my gentle/beautiful grandma passing away; a special day in so many ways. 

we took the morning slow; we made pancakes + coffee and then went to church together. the service was lovely and sentimental and i think it was meant for us and our day ahead. i had so many tears streaming down my face throughout- my heart was already so full as we left that loving space. from there, we went to a local park in one of our favorite neighborhoods of charlotte. (where we also had our engagement photos taken) it was lightly raining, just the three (four) of us. we took the ultrasound envelope (he is adorable already!), two sets of bouquets, and an umbrella and went to a shelter house. my husband mentioned later on in the day that he was actually glad that it was raining- and i agree. for some reason, it made it even more special. parks had a blast running around with his new boots and big umbrella. 

'it's a boy!'
it was him. it was always him.
-the moment i knew, i felt a sense of peacefulness-
that bond i had when i was carrying parks was suddenly present again

for each of our children, i honestly will never care one way or the other about the gender ... but this time, a little boy was secretly in the back of my mind. i had a sister two years younger than me and my husband had a brother two years younger. two of our first and forever best friends throughout this one life. if someday we do have a baby girl, i will be just as overjoyed. when i first found out that parks was a boy, the thought of bonding/being connected did cross my mind ... but then God taught me more than i ever could have known. (i wrote about this here, thoughts on being a boy mom) i quickly discovered that a little boy was just what i was meant to have and i have thanked Him every day since for bringing parks into my life, for choosing him to be mine, my sweet-souled son. our bond is the single greatest thing i have ever experienced. motherhood has changed me in so many ways- it has made me stronger, more compassionate, calmer- my priorities in life have changed. i choose my friendships more carefully, i yearn for simple more, my life is more faith centered- i have been chasing slow. and i love being a boy mom. i think God knew that just one wasn't enough for me.

for some reason, i have a hard time determining the number of children for our family right now- prior to experiencing life. ... it's just impossible for me to put a price tag on a life (and my husband actually said this sunday as we bonded about our news over guacamole and talked about his possible name / our excitement.) i had never brought this up to him but had always thought about it. there is no doubt that kids are extremely, extremely expensive - yet there is more to it for me. it's just that people have asked me this question a lot lately and i simply don't have an answer.  and i honestly can't imagine having an answer for this right now. we both hope to have three children but plan to play it all one baby, one blessing, at a time... maybe there will be two- maybe there will be three, four, or more?! neither one of us are able to decide this prior, at this moment, but we plan to pray every day and soak it all in- each step of the way. in my heart, i know the holy spirit will whisper to us when our family is officially complete. i also have a childhood dream that might play a role in all of this- but only time will tell. 

if i am blessed with a house full of boys
i hope they take good care of their momma 
i hope to teach them about grace, tenderness, beauty, love, and comfort 
hoping they will all be kind, patient and giving husbands someday
i am now twenty weeks pregnant. time is passing through me like a rushing river. it was just a couple minutes ago, a monday evening in early october, that we both broke down as we watched the words, 'pregnant' appear on a positive pregnancy test together. and then had a dance party with parks in our loft. a couple minutes ago that we broke down once we heard the hammering heartbeat that pulsed inside his little chest. this time, however fleeting, is just so sweet. i appreciate everything. i see everything. i laugh at nothings. smile at the littlest nothings. i move differently. sleep deeper. love more tenderly. i look at my husband differently.

this pregnancy is so much different than the last, not more, not less of anything, just different. i know it because i hear my thoughts differently. i see everything differently, and when i look at what's around me, i just want to run head first into it- with my boy, my husband and our new baby boy running right alongside me. oh, i can't wait to see my boys run together. rain boots in puddles and hotdogs at baseball games with their little (reds) caps on and maybe passing the ball on the same football field- my boys of fall. (this song has been on repeat)

knowing what is happening is almost as beautiful as knowing where it is all leading

to more love.
more of this.
the flowers are from the charlotte flower market
they were very helpful and have an entire cooler that you can walk into and pick out which ones you love for a pretty/reasonable arrangement. 
yesterday morning i woke up- still on cloud nine- and began to go through many of parks' old baby clothes. he helped me (parks loves to "help" me clean, do laundry, cook, etc.) he enjoyed attempting to put on some of the tiny clothes. i decided to make a pile to sell/donate and then we went to my favorite local consignment shop and picked out a few new (and super cute) pieces for his baby brother, our summer baby boy. and then we got donuts.
-outfit details-
parks' sweater / jeans: gap . leather suspenders: etsy . rain boots: hunter
my top: anthropologie . shoes: free people . maternity jeans: target
he was so excited!!
and then he was off to celebrate... so many adventures ahead for this big boy
after the park, we went to a local taco spot and enjoyed some guacamole + tacos + beers for my husband  (ah, the beers looked so good, so refreshing!)
more bow ties + suspenders + powder blue are coming our way 
 i love this song 
saturday night, as i was rocking parks before bed, i started to cry
-yes, so many tears lately-
just four months left together
just him and i.
i am planning on enjoying them all
and am thankful for every single adventure so far.
forever my first boy, my love
still my baby
-always my baby-
i hope you love having a little brother
just like your mom adored (and still cherishes) her little sister


  1. So loved reading this Janelle!!!!! excited for your adventures ahead and to meet baby boy 2!!! xoxo, Jenny

    1. love you!! thank you for being such a great friend to me over the years- i am blessed to have you. and so our my boys. xo

  2. From one house of boys mama to the other, congrats, its the absolute best <3

    1. you are so sweet and i have always looked up to you and your adorable boys. we can't wait! i am going to need one of your cute shirts now. xo

  3. I was crying reading this! I’m so happy and excited for you Nelly! You are such a wonderful Mama and so blessed! Love you!

    1. you are a very special person and i am so THANKFUL to call you my friend (and the BEST college roomie ever) love you so much. i need to bring the boys to minnesota / miss you. xo

  4. Such a beautiful post! Congratulations on boy number 2! There is nothing sweeter in this world than being a boy mom. The Steve Martin song has me in tears at my desk. I am so happy for you!

    1. thank you so much!! it was my song with parks- i used to hear it on the way to ultrasounds/when we were on 'dates' together while i was pregnant. i love it- so much. and then when i was on my way to my first ultrasound this time, it came on (and i hadn't heard it in a long time) so sweet. you are always so supportive and it means so much. xo

  5. OMG Yay for another boy!!!!!!!!!! Love the gender reveal with flowers, too, btw! And I really related to the convo over guac you described--how many kids to add to the family being an undetermined thing. Having 2 has been unexpectedly hard for me and has made me question whether I really do want 3/4/5 etc. kids, but I need to adopt your perspective of "we're just taking it one blessing at a time." Reading that has made me feel so free!!

    1. awe!!! you are just a gem. thank you so much for all of your support and i am so glad you found some peace... i think it's part of being in my thirties now versus my wild twenties? but my perspective on so many things has changed? i am just taking it all one step at a time. praying for you all. xo

  6. How exciting!! I love having a boy and honestly would be happy with only boys. ;-) I love the special mother/son bond -- especially when they are babies.

    1. i feel the same way! i can't describe the bond but it's so special. when parks was a baby, i always said, i can't even imagine having a baby girl now. but of course, i would LOVE either SO much. it was just so incredible. i really appreciate your support and love over the years- you are such a dear one and your comments always make my day. xo

  7. This post is so beautiful! Congrats on your new baby boy. xx


    1. thank you so much!! i can't wait to meet him and watch him with his older brother <3 have a great evening and thank you for the love! xo

  8. Loved reading this. Good luck with the new baby boy, boys are such a joy to have around,especially for us mommas. :)

    1. thank you so much!! i had no idea before having one- but it's magical!! have a wonderful weekend. we are so excited <3